Odd Socks Bag {Scrap Project 29/52}

If your house is anything like mine, you will have a surplus of socks. Single socks. Socks who have lost their partners between going into the dirty washing hamper and being paired up and folded in the clean washing basket.

Where do they go? It’s really a mystery to us all.

I usually just stash them in the bottom of the laundry cupboard but they just seem to accumulate, so I decided it was time to create a bag, dedicated to Odd Socks.


Odd Socks Laundry Bag


I decided that my Odd Socks Bag wasn’t going to be enormous. I figure that if I can’t find the sock pairs within a month or 2, then I can empty out the bag and start anew.

If you’d like to make an Odd Socks Bag, you’ll need:

Odd Socks 1


A big piece of fabric to make the bag itself. I used the rest of a FQ I’d used for something else (approximately 10” wide x 20” long

Some bright fabric scraps to applique the words. This step is optional as it doesn’t necessarily need the words on the front to be functional, but I like to take any opportunity to applique things. Double sided bonding paper (vliesofix) is good to keep the letters in place when machine appliqueing them.

The first thing I did was use my computer to write the words Odd Socks in a Word document and then manipulate them until I was pleased with how they looked.

Or you can just use the one that I used by downloading it HERE.

Trace the words onto the bonding paper and fuse them to the back of the bright scrap of fabric (in my case, it was the red fabric).


Odd Socks 2


Cut the letters out and then remove the backing paper.

Fold and press the main bag fabric in half to ascertain where the front will be.

Arrange the letters and once pleased with the layout, fuse them in place.


Odd Socks 3


Applique the letters using your preferred method. I like to use black cotton thread and my free motion quilting foot to outline the letters.

Fold the top and bottom seams (twice). Sew and press.

Fold the bag so that the wrong sides are facing out and sew the sides. Press.

Turn it out and the basic bag is ready.

I decided to make  a little loopy handle by folding and sewing some left over binding from a previous quilt project. Ribbon would be fine too or perhaps some Moda tape which comes on a jelly roll or FQ bundle.

Hang it on the laundry door handle and it’s ready for action.




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  1. Such a fun idea. I'm famous at my work place for my odd socks. I haven't worn a matching pair for several years!

  2. That's so funny - I was just thinking about doing something with our odd socks box. I have been keeping them in a small(ish) cardboard box, assuming that they would all disappear when they were paired up and the box would go in the recycling bin. But the box is now full. I have come to accept that the odd socks will always be present and decided that if they were going to stay then they may as well look nice. I was going to make a fabric box, but I like your idea better! A bag can hang on the laundry door handle, instead of a box that takes up my precious space on the laundry bench. Your post is great timing for me Anorina - thank you!

  3. What a cute, scrappy fun idea!


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