Scrappy Quilt As You Go Quilt - Part 1 {Week 26/52}

My scrap tub has an ever increasing amount of fabric scraps. I’ve had a lot of commissioned work to do lately, so even though I haven’t been able to share much of it on here, it’s been very busy, behind the scenes. With all of these new quilts and projects, comes a growth in the amount of scrap fabric.

Today, I am sharing a tutorial on how I make scrappy quilt as you go blocks.  Creating these little blocks is a lot of fun and even a little bit addictive.

Scrappy QAYG Quilt

If you’d like to play along, what you’ll need are strips of fabric – all various widths and lengths.

Batting : When I make a quilt, I always keep the long strips at the bottom of the quilt when it’s finished. Yes, I’m a little bit of a hoarder, but batting isn’t quite pricey, so I keep all of the bits and use them for smaller projects.

Backing :  This will be personal preference. I’m just using all different colours and prints for the back, but it’s up to you and how you’d like it to look.

My blocks are 6 1/2” square but you can make them as large as you like. I like mine at this size because my longest strip only needs to be 6 1/2” long.

Begin by laying the backing fabric with the right side facing down and then layer the batting on top. Choose the first piece you’d like to use to make the block. I decided to use all the same fabric for the centres.

Scrappy QAYG Quilt 1

Lay this first square (or rectangle) of fabric right side up on top of the batting. Choose the next piece of fabric. This needs to be the same length as that first piece. Lay it on top of the first piece with the raw edges lined up and sew through all of the layers with a 1/4” seam – from the start of that first scrap fabric to the end of the scrap fabric piece.

Scrappy QAYG Quilt 2

Scrappy QAYG Quilt 3

Turn the second piece over and finger press it open. Rotate the block and choose another strip with is the same length as the 2 pieces just sewn down. Place it facing down, on top of these previous 2 strips and sew with a 1/4” seam. Turn that 3rd piece over and finger press is open.

Scrappy QAYG Quilt 4

Scrappy QAYG Quilt 5

Rotate the block. Repeat the above steps until the batting is covered. Trim if required and then place this block aside to start on the next one.

Now go forth and create lots of Scrappy QAYG blocks. Next week, I’ll show you how I join these blocks together.

If you’re joining in the Scrappy QAYG quilt, please share your pictures in the 52 Week Scrap Challenge Facebook Page. We’d all love to see your progress.


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  1. I've been cutting down my scraps of late, so they're in more manageable pieces - and more organised ;) I've on occasion thought about doing a QAYG quilt, but never actually tried it yet. I think, after this tute, I might have to give it a go sometime soon!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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