Scrappy Bunny Mini Quilt {Week 23/52}

Easter is on the way – YAY - so I thought it was high time I started some Easter crafting. I’d originally printed up this cute free bunny template by Crafty Cupboard to make a little bunny softie. The print out sat on the end of my sewing table for a few days while I finished another project and in the meantime, my brain got to thinking. I decided to use the template in a different way and here is the result.

Scrappy Bunny Mini Quilt


Scrappy Easter Bunny Mini Quilt @ Samelia's Mum


I started with the cut out bunny template from Crafty Cupboard (click the link to print the template), a 14” square piece of Pellon, fabric srips (left over scraps from a previous project), a marker, scissors and a couple of pins may come in handy too.


Scrappy Bunny 1


Firstly I traced around the bunny onto the Pellon (or light weight batting) with a marker. I tried a pencil, but the tip kept getting caught in the fleece.

Decide which way you’d like your strips to go. Up and down. Side to side. Or, diagonally as I did mine.


Scrappy Bunny 2


Cut a strip so that it’s at least 1/2” – 3/4” longer on each side of the traced line. This will give you some wiggle room. Lay down the first scrap, with the right side facing up, over the edge of the drawn line.


Scrappy Bunny 3


Choose the next strip, cut it so that it’s going over the edge of the drawn line and place it so that the edges are aligned. Sew along this edge then flip over the just sewn strip. Choose the next strip and cut it so it’s a little longer than necessary. Align it and sew.


Scrappy Bunny 4


Repeat until the bunny drawing is covered in scrappy strippy loveliness.


Scrappy Bunny 5


Honestly, how delicious is the range of Flower Sugar fabrics by Lecien? I can’t help but smile when I look at the colours and the prints *sigh*.


Scrappy Bunny 6


Now it’s time to choose the top fabric which will be appliqued over the scrappy strips. A little reverse applique is always fun. Turn the top fabric over so that the back is on top. Turn the bunny print over so it’s facing in the opposite direction from the tracing on the fleece (don’t ask me how I know this).

Trace around the bunny. I used a silver gel marker, but a pencil would be fine too.

Cut out the bunny and place it over the scrappy strips. At this stage, I also added my backing fabric. Any old fabric is fine as it’s only going to be hidden.


Scrappy Bunny 7


A few pins to secure the layers and it’s now time to do some machine raw edge applique.

I used matching light grey thread in my machine. Feed dogs down and darning foot in place. Time to applique. I sewed slowly and as close to the edge of the grey fabric as possible, without going over onto the coloured strips. Go around the bunny twice.


Scrappy Bunny 8


Square up the mini quilt and attach the binding to the front. Slip stitch the binding in place at the back.


Scrappy Bunny 9


Now place your cute little scrappy bunny beside your other ceramic bunnies so that they can have a chat and discuss where they might be hiding chocolate eggs this year.


Scrappy Bunny


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  1. A lovely bunny and great scrap project!!

  2. Adorable! Making this week!!

  3. you need to get some yarn, make a small pompom and attach it for a tail - even scraps of multi colors would work.

  4. so cute!! I love bunnies

  5. Your little quilt is gorgeous Anorina.

  6. Another wonderful project Anorina. I made mine last night and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Thank you.... again!!!

  7. Such a cute bunny - thanks for sharing this fun project!

  8. The great thing about sewing machine cabinets is that you can use their tabletops for anything you want. portable sewing table


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