Scrappy Quilt As You Go Quilt - Part 2 {Week 28/52}

Today, I’m sharing the second half of my Scrappy QAYG quilt tutorial.


Scrappy QAYG Mini Quilt by SameliasMum


If you missed the first post, here are the instructions on how I make my scrappy QAYG blocks.

Scrappy Quilt As You Go Quilt - Part 1

Once your blocks are all stitched together, trimmed to a common size and looking scrappily scrapalicious, it’s time to put them all together. I’ll show you how I put together my 6” blocks, but this method will work for any size blocks – you just need to use longer strips of fabric.


Scrappy QAYG Block Assembly by SameliasMum


Firstly, lay all of the blocks out on a flat surface and arrange them until you’re pleased with the final layout.

Following are the instructions on how to join one pair of blocks. As your quilt will be different to mine, just multiply the number of strips, by the number of blocks which will need to be joined.

You will need to cut the sashing fabric strips as follows:

(1) 6” x 1⅛”

(1) 6” x 1¾” – press this block in half, lengthways


Scrappy QAYG Assembly Method 1 by SameliasMum



Begin with the top, left hand side block.

Place a 6” x 1⅛” strip to the right side of the block with right sides together, edge to edge.

Press the 6” x 1¾” in half longways. Place this pressed strip to the back of the block with raw edges aligned.


Scrappy QAYG Block Assembly 1 by SameliasMum


Pin and sew the with a ¼” seam.

Flip the top strip and press.


Scrappy QAYG Block Assembly 3 by SameliasMum


Lay the next block (which will go on the right hand side of the first one), face down over the top of the first block, but lining up with the edge of the (black) sash strip. Pin and sew with a ¼” seam.


Scrappy QAYG Block Assembly 5 by SameliasMum


Turn the second block back over and press the centre sash fabric.


Scrappy QAYG Block Assembly 6 by SameliasMum


Repeat the steps above until you’ve created all of the rows.

Once the rows are all together, turn them over turn over the folded sash so that it covers the adjoining blocks seam and slip stitch (just like you would binding on a quilt). Repeat this for all of the sashing pieces.


Scrappy QAYG Block Assembly 7 by SameliasMum


Join the rows by following the same process. Measure the length of the rows and cut a strip that length x 1⅛” and another strip, that length x 1¾” (which will be folded in half lengthways and pressed.


Scrappy QAYG Block Assembly 8 by SameliasMum


Sew the rows together and slip stitch the back folded sash strips down, as we did for the individual blocks..

Trim if necessary and bind the quilt as normal.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – yes?


If you’re joining in the Scrappy QAYG quilt, please share your pictures in the 52 Week Scrap Challenge Facebook Page. We’d all love to see your progress.

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