Beaconsfield, A True Story {Giveaway CLOSED}

Winner is Michelle Vamvas

On Anzac Day 2006, the Beaconsfield mine in Tasmania collapsed.

Todd Russell and Brant Webb were enclosed nearly 1000 metres underground, trapped in a space so small, they couldn’t sit up straight.

Todd and Brant survived the mine collapse, which killed their mate Larry. After discovering the two men were alive, the search became a dramatic rescue mission. Colleagues worked tirelessly, in conditions that could see another cave-in at any moment.

News outlets across the country scrambled to cover the story - it was an event Australia, and the world watched unfold with bated breath.

Beaconsfield, the telemovie, screened on Channel 9 and was watched by more than 1.6 million Australians during its broadcast. Beaconsfield recounts how these two men, with nothing in common, kept their heads together and their hope alive for 15 days and nights.


Beaconsfield also tells the story of the men’s wives, families and friends who waited anxiously above ground as co-workers worked day and night to free them.
Starring Lachy Hulme (Offspring), Shane Jacobson (Kenny), Michala Banas (McLeod’s Daughters), Cameron Daddo (Packed to the Rafters) and Steve Vizard (Fast Forward), Beaconsfield, A True Story - is available to purchase nationally.

With thanks to Madman and Haystac, I have 2 copies of Beaconsfield to giveaway.

To enter, either leave a comment here or send me an email telling me:

Which true event, would you like to see made into a film?
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  1. Deb H (email): The Port Arthur Massacre - as tragic as it was, society needs to be

  2. The first moon landing! I'm fascinated by this topic at the moment. I know they made a movie about Apollo 13 but I would like to see a movie about Apollo 11 :) I watched the Beaconsfield movie. It was great. I remember exactly where I was when they came back to the surface.

  3. Michelle Vamvas9/10/12, 6:13 AM

    Steve Irwin's life story. That would be brilliant.

  4. The Julia Gillard story, from daughter
    of an immigrant to prime minister and the
    truth behind the biggest lie in Australia's political

  5. The Great Murray flood of 1956-so many amazing stories of bravery and hardship that have been mostly forgotten or just remain untold

  6. Mary Preston9/10/12, 8:38 PM

    I'd pay to see a movie about the coming down of the Berlin Wall. I've seen news footage & photographs, but no one (to my knowledge) has explored this momentous event in film.

  7. Monica Scurlock9/16/12, 2:47 PM

    The Marcia Hines story! Her persnal journey..highs and lows would be fascinating!

  8. Story about Martin Bryant.The massacre that took place in Tasmania

  9. I think the Iranian embassy siege and following SAS rescue back in 1980 would make a very interesting movie - and it would be full enough of action that my partner would watch it too.