24 June 2016

Friday Catch-Up

It's Friday... or perhaps I should say, Fri-yay! Only one more week of school before the end of term break and I really must admit that the school holidays cannot come quickly enough. Some parents dislike the school breaks, but I'm the opposite. I love having the kids home and hanging out with them.

I thought I'd start a little weekly catch-up post here on my blog.  I share a lot of "everyday stuff" over on Instagram and Facebook and then don't bother coming back here to the blog to repeat it. I thought this would be a fun way to do a little re-cap, to share with you, and to keep a bit of a diary for me.

Sewing: I've mentioned it before, but it's Christmas time at my house. I'm busy creating Christmas projects for the magazines and thinking up tutorials to share here on Samelia's Mum. I will show you these projects... eventually. 

This past week, it's been all about the pincushions! I used up scraps from my quilted book cover, to create scrappy a scrappy pincushion. The strips were very small, but small can be good too, right?

I created some EPP Flower Pincushions for Penny Rose Fabrics. These were such fun to make, and if you would like to create your own, visit the Penny Rose Blog to download and print up my pattern. So easy, and a lot of fun.

I've had a couple of projects appear in Australian publications recently too. Handmade Magazine has my Extravaganza Pillow. It was created with the Extravaganza range of fabric by Lila Tueller for Riley Blake Designs. I enjoyed making this pillow and it's now living at it's new home - I sent it to Julie of Patchwork Gecko as part of her birthday parcel. She loves purple, so I thought this was just perfect for her.

Photo Courtesy of Express Publications

Patchwork and Stitching magazine has my Ophelia's Bloom Quilt project - created with Bloom & Bliss by Nadra Ridgeway of Ellis & Higgs for Riley Blake Designs. This issue of PWS magazine also has an interview, with me! It's a fun interview and I love how it was written up. Thank you to the lovely editors over at Express Publications for this opportunity.

23 June 2016

Penny Rose EPP Flower Pincushion

If you're anything like me, you enjoy participating in crafty swaps - whether with real life friends in your sewing circle or guild, or, online swaps which are a lot of fun on Instagram. We send the main swap item (mini quilt, mug rug etc...) and love to send a little "extra". I love pincushions and often create them to send to partners.

Today, over on the Penny Rose Blog, I'm sharing the EPP Flower Pincushion pattern plus template. The EPP template is actually a flower, rather than the regular hexagon (which we all know and love). It's quite simple to make and in my opinion, very lovely. 

I couldn't stop at only one flower pincushion, so ended up making 3 of them today. Yep I am addicted to making these pretties and then embellishing them all differently.

The paper piecing set which I used is by Sue Daley Designs and you can purchase it by following this link. I used the 1" hexagon papers but I bet the smaller ones will be super cute!

These EPP Flower Pincushions will make lovely gifts for sewing friends or just make up a bunch and keep them all for yourself. 

21 June 2016

When life gives you scraps...

When life gives you scraps...

... make a pincushion

After making my quilted book bag, I had a few very thin strips which I'd cut from the selvedge - I'm guessing they were probably around 3/4" x 6".

Now, being the crazy scrap lady that I am, I sewed these teeny tiny strips onto a (scrap) piece of batting with a teeny tiny zig-zag stitch. Effectively, quilting as you go, but with a zig-zag, rather than straight stitch. And not using the usually flip method, but butting raw edges together and stitching on top. Makes sense?

And then turned that teeny tiny piece of quilted batting, into a pincushion... 

... because you can always use one more pincushion, right?

Tell me about your scraps? Are you a crazy scrap lady too?

17 June 2016

Quilted Book Bag / Cover {Tutorial}

I'm so pleased to share my Quilted Book Bag Tutorial (link at the end) with you today. I made the original one for a friend who is an avid reader. She catches the train and loves to read on her way to work. She loves trashy romance novels, but doesn't necessarily want everyone knowing what she's reading, so I made her a book bag. 

I've since created the Book Bag 2.0 - I tweaked it to add a few more features, like the velcro tab to hold it closed and a built-in book mark. 

16 June 2016

Rainbow Crochet Granny Square Blanket

Crochet... my new addiction. I just finished my crochet granny square blanket and I'm so pleased with myself.

Chester is very interested my blanket, and desperately wants to sniff, scratch, walk, sit or do whatever it is that cats want to do on blankets.

I learned how to crochet on the Easter weekend, thanks to YouTube. I'd wanted to learn for ages (years), but it always felt too hard. I couldn't get my head around it and admittedly, I only know the basics. 

Now that I have the basics under my belt, I feel more confident in attempting some trickier blocks/projects... and purchasing decent yarn, rather than the cheapest acrylic I could find. My sister turned her nose up at my pile of yarn - she's a yarn snob! 

Do you crochet? Where do you buy your yarn? Favourite type of yarn?