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24 March 2018

Friday Night Rainbow Stripes

My granny stripe blanket is coming along very well, with the colours working so nicely together. I'm using Stylecraft Special DK which I buy from the Wool Warehouse in the UK. 
It is the loveliest, squishiest yarn with beautiful rich colour and best of all, it's very affordable. Plus, shipping from the UK is cheaper than posting a parcel locally - seriously!

I started this blanket last week and I am enjoying crocheting a few rows each evening. I'm coming up to the 'no-man land' of blankets, where you seem to keep crocheting and crocheting, but it doesn't feel like it's growing. Know what I mean?

I cannot wait to finish it, so I can make another. Crazy, huh?

I joined in my friend Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs for the Friday Night Sew In, but I think crochet totally counts. 

After a busy week away, hubby got home from work last night and the kids were excited to finally see him in person (not just on Facetime). Yay! After dinner, we sat down and watched Fantastic 4. My son seems keen to work out with Marvel film came first and watch them in order. There's our next bazillion or so, family movie nights sorted then.

We're off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show today, so I'd best get my walking shoes on so we can get going. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend friends. 

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23 March 2018

Let's all make a 'Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt' together

Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt - #SHRQuilt

I've had this idea for a scrap quilt, playing around in the back of my mind for quite a while. With so many scrap fabrics and the inability to get rid of them, this could be a wonderful way to use up a whole bunch of them.

How is your "scrap situation" going? 
Do you even have a "scrap situation"?

The idea for this quilt is to separate the scrap pieces into main colours. You can do this yourself, or better yet, get the kids (or husband) to help out. 

Just drag the scrap tub into the living room, grab a few ziploc bags, put on a good film and then sit and sort out the scraps into pretty colourful little piles. I find that keeping them in ziploc bags is easiest, but you may have another method?

Once you have enough scrap pieces to get started with, begin sewing them together. You can sew all the way down (until you're happy with the length), continuing to add more scraps and trimming the edges so they're even... or make them into blocks which you can then sew together. I made mine into 9" wide blocks and the length of the block can be whatever.

This will be a completely scrappy, improvisational, limited-rules, happy, rainbow quilt.

I've started working on my red fabrics as I figured I'd go in the order of the song... 

"Red and yellow and pink and green. Purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too."

I do have grey and brown and low volume prints which I'll probably incorporate too, but we'll see how we go until we come to it.

What do you think? Would you like to join me?
Do you have enough scraps in your tub to make a 'Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt' too? 

Please leave me a note in the comments if you're thinking of joining me in this fun quilty scrap-busting adventure.

Crafts in Cool String Art

How about we aim to make blocks / colours in a specific colour each week? It won't be long before we have a quilt top finished and as an added bonus, we'll have used up some favourite scrap fabrics which were really just taking up space in our sewing rooms. 

I thought I'd make up a cute hashtag to follow along on instagram #SHRQuilt 

Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt - #SHRQuilt

22 March 2018

Paper Flowers and a Bull

What do paper flowers, a lounge, popcorn and a great big bull have in common? Well, family movie night, of course!

It's almost the weekend, which in our house means family movie time. Yaaaay! Do you (or did you) do this with your kiddies too? 

Even though they're growing up (way too fast) they still love to sit on the lounge and watch a film with me - with popcorn! They usually argue and can never come to an agreement on what to watch, so I generally choose the film. Lately, I've been introducing them to films from my childhood, but this week, we have a treat. 


We went to the cinema to watch Ferdinand and absolutely loved it. The bright colours, the music and the funny characters made this film our favourite school holiday film. 

It has a beautiful message, teaching kids to be themselves. 

Ferdinand had the right idea, preferring to play on the flower farm, smelling the flowers, rather than fight in a ring, as is expected from a bull. 

We were inspired by the visual floral feast in the film and thought we'd have a go at making some paper flowers to decorate Amelia's bookshelf. She's a girl who takes after her mother - crafting while watching the television.

Paper Dahlia

There are literally hundreds of paper flower tutorials and patterns available online. Here are a few which we'd like to try.

Ferdinand is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

Thanks to Fox Entertainment Group and Frank PR for the Ferdinand DVD pack.

20 March 2018

A Mandolin Pillow

Have you seen all of the gorgeous Mandolin Quilts popping up on Instagram? Everyone has their own personal taste and fabric stash, so there are so many wonderful variations of this block. 

I received my Mandolin Quilt block kit from Tales of Cloth and made the first block with some pretty floral fabrics. I decided to use my block to make a pillow. One day I'd like to make a whole quilt.

Visit Tales of Cloth for more details on the Mandolin Quilt Club.

After removing the papers, I appliqu├ęd the block to a black and white fat quarter. I love the colour pop against the dark background. I added a thin layer of batting to the back of the FQ and then did a little bit of hand quilting.

I sewed the pillow with an envelope style back and then decided that it needed something more. It didn't feel quite finished. I was going to sew on some bright stripe binding but at the last minute, decided to crochet an edge instead. I'm pleased with the result and very happy that I went in the crochet direction. 

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I didn't have any 4ply cotton yarn to crochet the edge, so I used some 8 ply with a 3mm hook. I varied the design a little to accommodate the heavier yarn but still get a wavy edge.

I top-stitched around the edge of the pillow and then did a blanket stitch all the way around - approximately 1/4" apart. I did a row of SC all the way around and then did a SC, skip 2, 3 DC, skip 2, SC etc...

Crocheted edges remind me of my grandmother and my mother. They used to crochet the edges of all their tea-towels - I still one have that is in regular circulation which is probably close to 15 or 20 years old. 

19 March 2018

CROCHET: C2C blanket progress (or lack of...)

This C2C (almost) blanket began its life as a different C2C blanket. Rather than squares, I crocheted it in the usual C2C way until I used up a couple of yarn cakes and then decreased with a couple more yarn cakes to make it a square.

Crochet Baby Afghans

It turned out to be a little too small and I found that it really wasn't very useful in our home (without babies or little kids). I got out my trusty yarn winder and as I undid the blanket, wound the yarn as I went (with the help of my wonderful husband). 

You can read more about this original C2C blanket here and here.

I decided to make 20 x 20 C2C squares instead as they're a portable project and easy to pick up and work on at any time. 

The squares for my Corner to Corner (C2C) blanket are finished and all that is left to do is the little job of joining them together. 

This is taking a little longer than expected. 

Why so long? Mainly because I can't seem to find a joining method that I'm loving. I saw on Instagram, a while back, a C2C blanket being joined with what looked like rows of C2C sashing (like you'd see in a quilt) in a coordinating colour. I loved the effect and thought that's how I'd finish mine. I've googled but am yet to find a tutorial for what I'd seen way back. 

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There are lots of other great tutorials out there on the internet for ways to join C2C squares, so I may have to just use one of these and be done with the blanket. I admit that I am getting a little tired of looking at it.

The problem with googling for things is that you end up finding new things which you just NEED to make and are added to your ever-growing list of "must make" projects. 

Lincraft Yarn Cake in Macaroon

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