01 December 2016

Quilt Petite {Blog Hop}

Quilt Petite: 18 Sweet and Modern Mini Quilts and More is the delightful new book by Sedef Imer of Down Grapevine Lane (one of my most favourite blogs to visit) and published by Tuva Publishing.

In her debut book, Sedef has created 18 super sweet projects to sew, embroider, appliqué and paper piece. Each project has the most gorgeous photograpy and is beautifully illustrated with step by step instructions. Honestly, the most difficult thing about creating one of Sedef’s projects, is choosing which one to make first!

To help my decide which project I’d like to start with, I enlisted the help of my little girl. We flicked through the book a number of times, oohing and aahing as we went. Finally, she decided that we should make the Hexie Doll Quilt (pg 35) for Sally.

Sally (the unicorn) came to live with us 7 years ago. She was sitting in one of those big metal baskets at the post office (along with a bazillion other stuffed animals). She caught Amelia’s eye and it was love at first sight. Amelia picked up Sally and has cuddled her to sleep every night since then.

The Hexie Doll Quilt is a fun project to create. The hexies are 1.5” so they’re great for using fun prints. I used Toy Chest by Penny Rose Fabrics to create the doll quilt (sleeping bag). It’s a great mix of cute retro prints and colours and perfect for fussy cutting.

And so that none of her other toys could get up in the middle of the night and mistake the beautiful new quilt for their own, we even added a name label to the lower corner.

So... now that I’d make a project for Amelia, it was time to choose a project for me. I have a “thing” for hexies, so chose the Flower Potholder to make. This time, the hexies are much smaller than in the Hexie Doll Quilt at only 3/4”. I used some pretty Liberty fabric scraps for the hexagons and got to play with my vast supply of ric rac. Honestly, I have jars and jars filled with ric rac (another weakness).

I do love how this pot holder has turned out. It’s so sweet and delicate. I’ll be sending this to an online friend for her birthday this month. I hope she likes it :)

There have been lots of great projects created in the Quilt Petite Blog Hop already… and a few more still to go. Visit the following blogs to see what everyone has made and don’t forget to visit Down Grapevine Lane for the fantastic giveaway.

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Purchase Quilt Petite from Amazon by clicking the image below which is my affiliate link.

Can you see Sally's mum out in the garden, keeping an eagle eye on what was happening?

14 November 2016

Nutcracker Ornaments Table Runner

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that Christmas crafting is in full swing.

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas ornament project… which isn’t actually Christmas ornaments… you might like my Nutcracker Ornaments Table Runner project. It’s my latest project in the upcoming Christmas issue of Handmade Magazine - Vol 35 #6 which is on sale later this week.

I used the Nutcracker fabric from Riley Blake Designs in this project (available in Australia through Millhouse Collections) and fussy cut the prints to create the fun ornaments which “hang" on the edges of the table runner.

How’s your Christmas crafting progressing?

I have a Christmas Cushion pattern which I’ll be sharing later this week. If you like a little bit of EPP and a little bit of embroidery, you will definitely love it. Keep an eye out for it ;-)

08 November 2016

Cheesy Spinach Triangles {Recipe}

Spinach (noun) an edible Asian plant of the goosefoot family, with large dark green leaves which are widely eaten as a vegetable.

Spinach plant, as big as a small tree
Disregard the pool pump in the background. The wind blew so hard on the weekend that it’s knocked the hinges out.

What do you do when the spinach plants in your garden have gone absolutely crazy? Okay, now that you’ve chopped up lots of spinach and frozen it. Given bouquets of spinach to your nearest and dearest… and still it seems to be never-ending.

This is how I’m feeling at the moment. It’s wonderful having a veggie garden, but when something is ready to eat, it’s ready to eat, ALL AT ONCE! Like tomato season… but thats a story for January.

With the help of my little darlings, I made some spinach triangles. They’re adament that they hate, hate, HATE spinach, but if it’s encased in a crispy little pastry triangle, combined with oozing delicious cheese, well then they just love spinach.

This is a very simple recipe for using up excess spinach and if you get the kids to help in the kitchen, they might actually love to eat it too.


3 sheets of puff pastry
4 cups of chopped spinach
4 eggs
200g Danish Feta cheese
1/2 cup grated tasty cheese
Optional: extra egg to brush on the pastry and sesame seeds

1. Preheat the oven to 180C and line a couple of baking trays with baking paper.

2. Blanch the spinach by either boiling for a couple of minutes, or place it all in a large microwave safe bowl and zap for 2 minutes. Squeeze out the excess water/juice or the triangles will be soggy.

3. In a large bowl, mix up the cooled spinach, eggs, cheeses.

4. To make large triangles, cut each pastry sheet into 4 squares, or for smaller ones, cut each pastry sheet into 9 equal squares… or cut a combination of large and small which is what we did.

5. Place a spoonful of the mixture into the centre of the pastry square. Fold the pastry in half diagonally and finger press the edges closed. Use a fork to press the edges (and create a pretty pattern).

6. Brush some egg onto the triangles and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

7. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the pastry is golden and crispy. Obviously, the smaller triangles take less time than the large ones.

Best eaten warm while the pastry is lovely and crispy.

What other ways do you use spinach? I’d love to know your favourite recipes :)

07 November 2016

Gilmore Girls Mug Rug {Free Pattern}

I love the Gilmore Girls. They're the funnest mother/daughter team around. I love the relationship between Lorelei and Rory and secretly wish that my own relationship with my daughter may be similarly close - forever.

I love hearing their fast paced conversations and the kooky things they say, which make perfect sense. I love Stars Hollow and all of the weird and wonderful characters who inhabit the town. The town meetings and the festivals for every season.

To celebrate the show, I created a fun little Gilmore Girls inspired project. The words are from the song "Where you lead" by Carole King which is the theme song which plays at the start of every episode. And we all know how much those girls love coffee, hence the coffee cup applique.

I have included the words and coffee cup template for you to use in your own Gilmore Girls inspired mug rug. Cut out the coffee cup shape and reverse applique it like I have done, or embroider the mug rug shape around the words. Stitch in one colour, or make every word (or letter) a different colour. The sky is the limit.

I embroidered the words with a very simple back stitch using 3 strands of cotton floss. The colour I used is DMC #433 (I think I bought this one from Walmart last month). The embroidery background is natural Essex Linen and the fabric is Windemere by Brenda Riddle Designs - all available from the Fat Quarter Shop.

I am unbelievably excited about the new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life which will be available on Netflix from 25 November 2016.

04 November 2016

Recycled Quilted Pillow

Here is a new addition to the couch... because sometimes, you have to sew "something" for your sewing mojo and creativity to return. Best part is that it only took a couple of hours to make.

My kids don't pay attention to much, except those printed 'best before' dates on pillows. Honestly, they hassle me for new pillows until I give in.

Rather than throw them out, I'm going to make quilted covers - then they can use them to lounge on, sit on, squish out of shape and generally 'kid-ify' them.

This fabric is a poly/cotton blend which I picked up on sale at Spotlight last night and quilted with a double layer of batting.

I backed the pillow in a pair of old jeans which which went through a hot dryer one time too many.

I cut up the legs and sewed them to make a big rectangle. I even added a zipper.

Honestly, I am ridiculously happy with this recycled pillow and have one more to make before the kids get home from school.

But first, coffee.

How do you get your "SewJo" back?