21 December 2014

Meet Chester

Meet Chester. He is the newest member of our family and even though he's only been with us for just over a week, he's certainly made himself at home.

He enjoys "exploring" the Christmas tree which has resulted in many threats of packing up the tree before Christmas.

It was only a matter of time before he was placed in the doll pram and pushed around the house.

He loves our gold fish. When I say loves, I mean LOVES!

But after his exploration and playing, he also loves a cuddle. His little motor starts and he purrs and purrs and purrs.

Has anyone discovered a good trick to keep a kitten out of the Christmas tree?

That Christmassy Feeling

Sometimes, you just need to do a little bit of festive stitching to get into the Christmas spirit.

These (slightly tweaked) tree decorations are patterns by Bronwyn Hayes and available on her blog,

Are you feeling Christmassy this year?

18 December 2014

Bits n Pieces

The school year has ended and is it me, or does it feel like the excitement of starting the new school year was only yesterday?

So many activities, end of year shows, commitments, shopping, parties, planning and food.

My little lady has had THE most amazing teacher this year. She has helped my shy little girl come out of her shell and become much more confident - to the point of being the host of her class assembly, in front of the whole school.

Mrs Barker was very special and so we gave her a quilt. It's one which appeared in an issue of 'Love Sewing Australia' magazine, and which I loved making.

The season is building to a crescendo and I for one, am looking forward to a long lazy January.

I haven't had much sewing time lately, but have managed to squeeze in a few pre-Christmas personalized cushion orders.

Oh, and some baking ofcourse. We weren't sure what to do with all of the candy canes so we decided to crush them and make some minty powder to top butter cookies.


02 December 2014

Dream Catchers

I have a soft spot for many things... ice cream, kittens, fluffy knitted booties, fresh sheets, pink roses... and dream catchers.

This will be a mini quilt for my secret partner in the Schnitzel and Boo instagram swap.

I'm also working on another dream catcher - this time with a little bit of applique, stitching and some free hand drawing on fabric. Yeeeps!

Happy Stitching x

30 November 2014

Sunday Catch-Up

Life is spiralling along at a million miles an hour. The end of year madness is in full swing, with a lot of commitments and deadlines. Parties and engagements. Things to do and places to be. Sadly, it’s this little space which has been neglected of late.

I tend to pop into Instagram more often these days. Share a quick photo. Have a look at what everyone else is up to. Ooh and aah over all of the pretty things. Join a swap, or three. Have you joined any IG swaps lately? Visit me on Instagram – either on your phone, or on your computer.

I’ve been working on a mini quilt as part of the Little Quilts Swap on Instagram. We were all assigned a secret partner and have to make a mini quilt from Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsigers book, Little Quilts.

I decided on this mini called “Drawn Together” by Sarah, and looking at the #LittleQuiltsSwap feed on IG, it’s been a popular choice.




I have literally just finished the the quilting and added the binding, but will share a full finished photo once I know that my partner has received her quilt.

This was actually my second choice for the book. I also made the “Not Quite Hawaiian” mini quilt, but it didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped. I opted to applique the large motif around the raw edges with my sewing machine, then cut around the batting, and add another layer of thin batting – I was going for a trapunto look.




It’s all hand-quilted and bound and I’ll either give it away or hang it on my mini quilts wall. You can never have too many mini quilts on the wall – right?

Now continuing on with the ‘swaps’ subject, I also participated in the Santa Sack Swap organised by Cheryl of Gone Stitchin’.Thanks for yet another fun swap Cheryl x




My partner has received her package but must wait until the 24th before opening her goodies. I have sent her a mix of handmade things and bought things and I hope she likes them. We have similar ‘likes’ so hopefully I was on the right track.

I’ve been road testing Scentsy scents this past couple of weeks. Have you heard of Scentsy?




Scentsy warmers melt the wax to just about body temperature, which makes it safe to use around children.

It is a perfect gift for an older person who might forget that they’ve lit a candle. I remember one time my grandmother lit a candle and forgot to blow it out, and almost set fire to the house when it collapsed onto her dressing table (and probably a crocheted doily or two).

I have been using a few different scents – baked apple pie (seriously, delicious), a citrus one which smells fresh and summery and my favourite which is called Honeymoon Hideaway.

Honestly, this would make a wonderful gift this Christmas. If you have someone who is difficult to buy for, get them a Scentsy pack – it’s a gift which will keep on giving. Visit Danielle’s site here – Danielle is a lovely lady based in QLD and is an independent Scentsy Consultant.

I’ve joined a Thermomix group on Facebook, which shares some really fun recipes. Last week, I saw a Nutella Brioche loaf and it looked so good that I had to make it – that same afternoon!




It’s a good thing I’d been to Costco the previous week and stocked up on a couple of large jars of Nutella. This would certainly make a delicious treat to take to a Christmas gathering.

And in other exciting news, we’re getting a swimming pool installed. It’s taking a little longer than the kids would like, but I guess it’s a busy time of the year for everyone. Tradies are working at full speed over the next couple of weeks before their industry closes for a month, so everyone is busy busy busy.




With any luck, the pool will be “swim-able” next week. At the moment, it’s just a big bath for Christmas beetles and it’s little grimey where the installation guys spilled sand when filling around the edges. We’re waiting for the electrician to come and install power so that the pump and filters can begin to work their magic and then we can swim all summer long.

With any luck, I’ll be able to share a picture of a beautiful clear swimming pool, with amazing decking (which FlyBoy and my dad will lay, over the next few weeks).

I’ve just finished watching the second season of ‘Wentworth’ online. What a gritty Aussie drama!!! It’s finished on a cliff-hanger and I can’t wait until season 3 begins. It’s certainly one to watch AFTER the kids are in bed. My next show to watch is Gilmore Girls. I’ve watched the first few episodes while hand sewing and I’m hooked already. Some people like the radio or a CD, but I like to have a TV series playing in the background while I’m in the sewing studio.

Okay, if you’ve stuck with me for this long winded post – thank you. I have a few crafty posts and tutorials planned over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those.

Til then, happy stitching x