27 July 2016

Comfort & Joy Mini Quilt - Holiday Wishes

It's Christmas in July and I'm excited to be joining the Fat Quarter Shop in celebrating their month-long Holiday Wishes event. 

Holiday Wishes is the beautiful festive book created by Sherri Falls of This & That Pattern Company. All of your holiday wishes will come true with perfect projects for every room in the house. Holiday Wishes includes complete instructions for twelve Christmas projects.

My first task was to choose the quilt project I wanted to create on my stop in the Holiday Wishes blog hop. I'm a bit of a sucker for a mini quilt, so I chose the Comfort and Joy mini quilt project. 

The step by step instructions are just fantastic and this mini quilt came together quite easily, over the course of an afternoon.

I created Comfort and Joy with some of my favourite (and festive) Lori Holt fabrics. It's mostly made up of Cozy Christmas other than the word "Joy" which is made up with the Mason Jar print from Modern Mini's.

Holiday Wishes by Sherri Falls is available from The Fat Quarter Shop. The projects in the book are just lovely and it could be fun to start now and make a few different ones for the home or even to gift friends and family. It's never too early to start Christmas sewing, right?

23 July 2016

Friday Night Sew-In - FNSI Update

It's been a while since I joined my lovely internet friends with FNSI (Friday Night Sew-In). I signed up over at Wendy's blog and was looking forward to creating up a storm last night... and then, we decided to head up to Costco after collecting the kids from school.

Luckily for me, I have a husband who doesn't mind driving so that I can craft in the passenger seat. I managed to get a few more crochet granny squares completed on the way. My little pile of solid colour crochet granny squares is slowly growing. I've rewound the yarn into small balls which makes it easier to keep a couple in my handbag with my crochet hook and teeny scissors. It's amazing how much less space they take up when they're rewound. 

We stayed there so long that it was dark before we headed home, so I didn't get any crocheting done on the way home. Instead, I offered to drive us home. 

Geez we bought a lot of stuff. The car boot was stuffed so high with our Esky (yes, we've done this once or twice and know that we can't resist buying the cold items), general shopping and giant packages of toilet paper - that I couldn't see out of the rear-view mirror! Luckily it was mainly freeway driving, so I didn't need to do much lane changing.

My little lady was quite besotted with this teddy bear. He's taller than she is and super dooper cuddly. She's decided that she's going to save up to buy him next time we visit the store. I think she'll need to keep saving up for a little while yet.

Have you been to Costco? What's your favourite buy? I love the cake section. Honestly, how can we resist a 2kg cheesecake?

22 July 2016

Single Colour Granny Square Crochet Squares

The other week, I was inspired to start a new crochet project. Attic 24 was the source of my inspiration. Honestly, Lucy's blog is just the perfect place to visit for crochet inspiration. Her projects and photographs are always super bright and happy and as a newbie to this world of yarn and crochet, I've found her posts to be a wonderful place to learn. Quick, go check out her blog. You won't be disappointed. 

So my new project is perfect for using up left over yarn. Bits of yarn, a 4.5mm hook (I think the tutorial is for a 4.0mm hook) and creating some very simple single colour granny squares. The tutorial is right here on the Attic 24 blog with great step by step instructions. 

I find that it takes me around 20 minutes to crochet each square, so I take some yarn and a hook to my kids after school activities and finish 2 of these easily in that time (along with chatting with other waiting mums).

I thought it could be fun to sew a specific colour for a specific activity (ie soccer, dancing, karate, swimming etc). That way, each activity would be represented in the blanket and I can work out how much of my life I've dedicated to my kids individual pursuits. Or is that just a little bit too weird?

21 July 2016

Procrastination Scrap Coasters

You're probably aware of my crazy need to use up fabric scraps. It's insane really. I have shelves filled with beautiful fabrics, but I seem to focus on the scraps way more. Using up each teeny little piece and taking the fabric, as far as possible. 

When I start a new project, I generally cut the selvedges at 3/4". This little pile of pretty ends sits on my sewing table while I cut up the fabric to make the quilt (or whatever it is that I'm making), taunting me. Before I know it, I've left the 'main' project, grabbed some scrap backing and batting (which I have sitting in a large plastic tub under my sewing table) and sew a mini quilt which I then use these as coasters or trivets. Or give them to friends and family to use as coasters and trivets. Waste not, want not.

Usually, they go together with the QAYG method. Sometimes, if I've got time and am feeling inspired, I add layers of hand stitching or embellishment.

If I have it on the selvedge, I try to incorporate the fabric range name and designer in the little quilted coaster.

I seem to find new and inventive ways to use up scraps, and focus way more time on them, than I really need to, or possibly should. 

Tell me, how you use your scraps? I'm always looking for ways to procrastinate from working on what I should be working on ;-)

19 July 2016

The Birdcage - QAYG Pillow (Free Pattern)

I recently bought a new computer. Yay it's an Apple Mac - though I really don't quite know what I'm doing. Buttons are a little different to a PC and working out how to do things has meant that I've called upon my clever 10 year old to show me.

I've been going through files on my old computer. Tidying up and arranging folders. It's a big job, especially with the tens of thousands of photos I have. Eeeeep!

I have a lot of patterns and as I was going through some of my older patterns, I thought it was time to update and upload these to my Craftsy Store. Some are smaller patterns which I'm happy to share here on my blog, free for you to use for your own personal use. 

Keep an eye out over the coming months as I'm hoping to share a new freebie weekly. Or possibly fortnightly. Let's see how we go.

The first free pattern is The Birdcage Pillow pattern. The embroidery section is worked with a basic back-stitch completed with a single strand of Perle 8 cotton. I had some cute owl fabric and fussy cut one to incorporate in the bird cage. Any fussy cut bird or flower would look great, or the birdcage can just be left empty.

This pillow is completed with the quilt-as-you-go method, which is perfect for using up scrappy strips of fabric. Add some ric-rac or lace edging, hand quilting or extra embellishment. You can customise as you'd like.

I have also made this pattern available on Craftsy. If this is your preferred space for patterns, please download the pattern from Craftsy.