Making Sunshine Quilt

I think I've caught the foundation paper piecing bug. I just made a New York Beauty quilt (which I'll be sharing next week) and now I've started on another FPP project.

This one is all made up with scrappy sunshine-y blocks.

I've made four blocks so far and am playing around with how I'll lay them out. 

All together to make a sunshine

All of the centres facing one direction

All of the centres facing outward (which gives a cool secondary pattern with the sun's rays)

When I sat down to make my New York Beauty quilt, I borrowed some books from the library, looked through Pinterest (A LOT) and watched many a YouTube video.

The best tip I picked up from all of those resources was to draw a 1/8" line on the outside of the edge seams... the seams which will be on the outside of the block. Does that make sense?

It gives a little bit of wiggle room for those of us who aren't perfect sewists (that's me) and the blocks are then trimmed down to size at the end. Love this tip so much!

This made me wonder, do you like Foundation Paper Piecing? 

What are your tips for successful blocks?

Thanks everyone for your comments and emails about our new fluffy addition to the family. Harry is a sweet little thing and gosh he loves a cuddle. In saying this, he also likes to roughhouse with Charlie (who is 11 months older) and chase him around the house. 

He's so dark and fluffy that it's tricky to get a good picture of him. Here's one that turned out okay and is a little bit cute, if I do say so myself. 


  1. Such a cutie.
    Those blocks look very colourful.

  2. I like your block with the centers together making a sunshine block. It is very cheerful! I do like FPP.

  3. I do foundation piecing sometimes but I wouldn't say it is a favorite but for something like a NYB I can see if being good

  4. ooo i love this and all the options are great!!

  5. I like to use freezer paper, and fold it back before stitching. No paper to remove. Details are out there in blogs and videos. Dot

  6. Oooh those blocks are so sweet. what fun.
    I love FPP but have not done much lately.
    I still have my facing east quilt on my wall.... getting dusty

    Charlie is so adorable. That face... and those silly little feet.
    How wonderful. I love snuggling with pets

  7. Love your blocks...

  8. found my two FPP projects when I had my tidy reorganise........need to pull them out again.......maybe next month......

  9. I really like those blocks!! and the versatility of them - you could make a bunch of different quilts and many (me) would not know they are the same block!

  10. I am not super fond of FPP but I don't hate it. And sometimes FPP is the only way to make a block. New York Beauty - no other way, right?
    Loving your sunny blocks but I would make them without FPP :-)

  11. I have made a few simple paper pieced things, but I really don't like it. I prefer appliqué as it's more forgiving and doesn't need to be so precise. Plus I don't like ripping off the paper later on foundation piecing, lol. I do like your sunny blocks, Anorina.


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