FNwF - June 2022

The first Friday of the month has rolled around rather quickly. My FNwF was actually an afternoon event as I was going to be out last night.

The Island Batik challenge for June is a New York Beauty quilt. This is quite the challenge, especially as many of the ambassadors had not made one before. I made all of my blocks last month and had the top finished earlier this week. My goal for FNwF was to piece the backing and possibly even baste the quilt. 

Well… there was an obstacle to getting this simple job done. His name is Harry and he’s the newest addition to our family. 

Harry came to live with us on Tuesday and it’s been an adventure ever since with lots of puppy cuddles, little accidents around the house and being woken up a whole bunch of times through the night. It’s a good thing he’s cute. 

I did manage to get my pieced backing completed - with a lot of unpicking as I was sewing things back to front and inside out. Gah!

Once it was finished, I braved basting the quilt on the dining table, all the while keeping an eye on the pets. Harry is so teeny that we need to slide our feet so as not to step on him but in saying this, I did manage to step on his foot once or twice. 

I'm happy to report that the quilt is basted and the kids are (mostly) home today so I’ll set out quilting it later. Well, that’s the plan. Puppies are absolute time wasters!

Island Batik have started the NY Beauty party early (the blog hop starts next week) by hosting a fabric giveaway. We all love fabric, right?

Visit the Island Batik blog for your opportunity to win one of the new released fabric bundles - Jewel Carvings or Nightshade. 

The direct link to the giveaway is here.

Last night I went out with one of my oldest friends to dinner and a ‘Mums go Wild’ comedy show. Our mothers were friends and so we’ve known each other before even starting kindergarten. It was lovely to catch up and have an outing - and the show was okay too. 

Visit Gone Stitchin’ and see what everyone else got up to for FNwF.


  1. Aww Harry is so cute. Love his little coat. New York Beauty looks lovely. Hugs,

  2. Harry is definitely a cutie and a time waster! I love the NYB blocks! Did you paper piece them? This is Susan here, (patchworknplay). It seems the only way I can comment is anonymously! The URL option does not work anymore.......! UGH!

  3. your new puppy is so sweet.
    Your sewing of this block is lovely.
    I understand the sewing and unsewing parts

  4. What a little cutie - seems your other dog is welcoming him too - fortunately. Love the concept of "Slide your feet". Great looking quilt.

  5. Harry is just delightful and no doubt wasting lots of time whilst you get to enjoy him as a puppy!!

  6. How does "big brother" like the new sibling? Good progress with the quilt even with the gorgeous distraction.

  7. Your furry friends are gorgeous... and playful...
    Love the NYB block and thanks for joining in FNwF again...xox

  8. Oh dear! A puppy in the house spells trouble lol. Hope he gets used to the household soon . Love your quilt . Did the air turn blue when you sewed things wrong and had to unpick? I think we all have those days but lack of sleep due to the puppy probably contributed somewhat.

  9. Have you heard that old saying about "being a glutton for punishment"? :-) Puppies. So cute! So much punishment... err, work! I adore dogs, but I know what a commitment they are. I couldn't help but notice the "pee pad" on the floor. So you're dealing with all that too, huh? My. No wonder you're a bit off your quiltmaking efforts. But good for you to make a New York Beauty! Though I've been quiltmaking for more than 40 years, even I've never attempted one. Hopefully you used foundation papers to make it, and are now finding quilting time. Enjoy Harry! By the way, we have TWO neighbors with dogs named Harry.

  10. Looking like a gorgeous quilt - glad you were able to spend some time sewing. Beautiful fabrics. xx

  11. New York Beauties are gorgeous blocks and I'm sure you'll be up to the challenge. As for the other challenge? Puppies are so darn cute!


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