Sunny Joy Quilt


I've decided to call this quilt the Sunny Joy Quilt - the blocks are so sunshiney and happy that I thought this name suited it (plus the hashtag was available on Instagram which means it's not been used before). My eventual plan is to write up the pattern for this quilt, but first, I must sew, sew, sew.

I haven't decided on the layout just yet. I like these full sunshine circles, but then went I rotate the blocks to all be facing the same direction, I like that layout too.

When I posted about foundation paper piecing the blocks, I found out that a lot of people dislike this method. Someone mentioned the freezer paper method where you don't even sew on the paper! I had a look on YouTube and found some great videos tutorials.

Someone else suggested that they wouldn't even FPP this block, which got me thinking, maybe it would be faster if I printed up and made templates. I don't really ever sew with templates, so it wasn't my first thought, but I'm so glad for the comment. I printed up templates, cut the fabrics and these sew up a lot faster.

This block below is the first one I made with templates and it looked pretty good - so I kept going.

It’s been a good and busy long weekend (so far). My son is away at RAAF Richmond for the 3Wing competition weekend. We dropped him off with his squadron on Friday afternoon and he won't be home until Monday afternoon. They do all sorts of cadet-type things and I'm looking forward to him coming home so I can hear all about it.

My daughter isn't lucky enough to be going somewhere super fun this weekend - instead, she's been rostered on to work various shifts on each of the days. She did get to spend time with her friends before heading to work this afternoon and earning extra for working the holiday Monday is always a good incentive to keep at it. She'll be happy to get back to school on Tuesday to have a rest!

This afternoon, I managed to spend a little bit of time in my sewing room. The sun was streaming through and it was lovely and warm in there. I made a few more churn dash blocks for the stitch along with Chookyblue. I think I now have 9 large ones and 4 small ones. I've got a few more blocks cut up and they'll be my leaders and enders for my sewing this week.

Now I need to tidy up the cutting table, put bits and pieces away for a couple of new projects that I'm starting this week. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend with some time spent with needle and thread.


  1. I love your Sunny Joy blocks and I like both arrangements. The solution is to just sew more blocks and make 2 quilts so you can have a quilt with each arrangement.

    I enjoy foundation paper piecing and would probably choose that method over EPP. Happy stitching!

  2. that is a pretty block I'm sure you will figure out how you want it.

  3. This is so fun and cheerful! I hope you will post our pattern for sale when you settle on the final version. I'm a fan of EPP and think this pattern would work well in that method, modality, whatever. Hope you have a great time as you continue on with this. Happy stitching!!

  4. Your blocks look very bright and happy. Sunny Joy is a great name fore them.

  5. your blocks look lovely and sunshiney, I'm keen to look up the freezer paper fpp no mess!

  6. I love Sunny Joy, you have such lovely cheerful fabrics...

  7. I think you are going to have to make several quilts with these blocks….too hard to decide on one layout!

  8. easy for me to say but I think I agree with others that making the quilt in each of the directions you are contemplating would create a fantastic collection..your work always amazes me. thanks for sharing

  9. I like the sunshine blocks the best. All of your other arrangements are superb as well
    I love this idea
    I have also made some templates for FPP blocks.
    Sometimes it is easier. just depends on what works for each person.
    You are a skilled sewist so you can do this.
    Others kind of need the training using the paper.

  10. What a cute summer project.... Can't wait for the pattern to
    come out.........Love, love !

  11. I agree with the others, you will need to make TWO quilts in both designs! I think a limited colour palette for the half sunrise pattern would give it more harmonious and calming feel. But definitely make two!

  12. I LOVE this block and can't wait for a pattern to make a quilt of my own using it! I really like both layouts. It's such a happy quilt!

  13. I like your Sunny Joy blocks!! and too funny that you checked the hashtag!! thats smart thinking!!!
    Your churn dashes are coming along!

  14. The perfect name, Sunny Joy, for this bright and cheerful quilt in progress! There are many ways to make blocks, you do you! Whatever makes it easier and fun!

  15. I too can't wait for the pattern!

  16. oh looking great...good to see some progress on the Churn Dash SAL...


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