FNwF - April 2022

A little late catching up with what I stitched through FNwF but better late than never, right?

I spent a bit of time last week and the whole of Friday working on a secret project. Yes, I know, boring to read about right now, but I’m hoping to share in the coming weeks. 

On Friday evening, I finished crocheting the scallop edge around my scrappy blanket. I do love how it turned out and apparently, Chester liked it too. 

We bought him this 3-level cat toy which he never uses. Ever. But as soon as I put the blanket over it to take a picture, he was keen to get into the little cat cave in the bottom. 

Cats are so weird. 


  1. Gorgeous quilt display too.

  2. It's a gorgeous blanket - a lovely cozy finish just in time for the cooler weather.

  3. I’m admiring the quilts on the ladder
    Very pretty
    Love the green for the scalloped edges

  4. You crocheted a rainbow....very pretty. Chester has found the perfect hiding spot now.

  5. Well, it's a blanket, cats have to inspect blankets. I bought a lovely plush bed for our cat, she never went near it, until one day I moved it, for a moment, on to my quilt frame. When i went to put it back where it came from.....She was in it!

  6. Beautiful crocheted blanket and I like your scalloped edge.
    Cats are contrary.. hahahahaha!!!!


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