FNwF - April 2022

A little late catching up with what I stitched through FNwF but better late than never, right?

I spent a bit of time last week and the whole of Friday working on a secret project. Yes, I know, boring to read about right now, but I’m hoping to share in the coming weeks. 

On Friday evening, I finished crocheting the scallop edge around my scrappy blanket. I do love how it turned out and apparently, Chester liked it too. 

We bought him this 3-level cat toy which he never uses. Ever. But as soon as I put the blanket over it to take a picture, he was keen to get into the little cat cave in the bottom. 

Cats are so weird. 


Kay said...

Gorgeous quilt display too.

Raewyn said...

It's a gorgeous blanket - a lovely cozy finish just in time for the cooler weather.

tbear said...

I’m admiring the quilts on the ladder
Very pretty
Love the green for the scalloped edges

Karen's Korner said...

You crocheted a rainbow....very pretty. Chester has found the perfect hiding spot now.

loulee said...

Well, it's a blanket, cats have to inspect blankets. I bought a lovely plush bed for our cat, she never went near it, until one day I moved it, for a moment, on to my quilt frame. When i went to put it back where it came from.....She was in it!

Unknown said...

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Maria said...

Beautiful crocheted blanket and I like your scalloped edge.
Cats are contrary.. hahahahaha!!!!