Smitten + Purple Positivity

My Smitten Quilt has come out of hibernation. It's been sitting in my sewing room, waiting patiently for some attention and finally, I've given it just that. Smitten has been my on again, off again love over the past 5 years. Will this finally be the time I get it finished?

I've decided to quilt all of the blocks differently. Some have hand stitches along the seams and some cut right through the centre of the shapes. It's certainly got a lot going on.

I've posted about my Smitten Quilt a few times over the years. Here are a few previous posts about the progress (going back to 2016). I'm fairly certain that I bought this pattern years earlier from a quilt show.

A Smitten Post - Another Smitten Post - And another Smitten Post - Oh look, is that Smitten again? - Yep, Smitten is here - And Smitten is here too - Hi Smitten - Love ya Smitten - Oh, Smitten, still here? 

I also decided to make a start on some Positivity Quilt blocks, inspired by Sew Preeti Quilts #ThePositivityQAL

I started out with a jelly roll of Lecien solids... which made me wonder if the Lecien fabric company still around? I've had this jelly roll for years and am happy to be using it. I unravelled it and started with the purple palette strips. 

I hadn't intended to make a purple quilt, but like the idea of keeping this to purple and all it's various shades and hues. I'll see what I can find in my stash to work with. 

Do you have much purple fabric in your stash?


  1. your positivity blocks are looking great. I like that you are hand quilting your blocks differently even if it is taking you a while to finish you will be pleased with the end results I bet

    1. Thanks Karen. I do quite enjoy the hand quilting process - deciding how I'll quilt the blocks, deciding which colour thread I'll use etc... but then I don't seem to stick with it. Maybe I'm just enjoying it so much, that I don't want it to end? LOL

  2. Smitten is an adventure I say. Love your version. The positivity blocks are very cute.

  3. Smitten is beautiful - heres to hoping the finish is in sight! and those purple positivity blocks - awesome!

  4. mitten is beautiful - heres to hoping the finish is in sight! and those#mentalhealthawareness


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