I joined Cheryl and the gang (sounds like a band, right?) for Friday Night with Friends (FNwF). It's the last one for 2020 and honestly, I'm happy to see the end of this year. 

I didn't get started with any sewing until late in the evening and finally sat down with my Smitten quilt. I had some marked lines so added some hand quilting stitches to my quilt. I had lofty plans to finish this quilt this year, but alas... it wasn't to be.

We have a very busy weekend here - and I'll be the driver/food provider/cheer leader. Heading out in a little while for my kids to compete in the National finals of their robotics competition. They won the regional championship a couple of weeks ago and are pumped for the national competition.

Tomorrow, my son has his final annual Air Force cadet parade. He was promoted to Leading Cadet this year and he's excited as he gets to wear the white gloves and do some more senior tasks in the parade. I'll be there on the sidelines filming and being a proud mum. 

Also dropping off kids to parties and then finding time to visit mum in hospital. They're very strict about visiting hours and number of visitors. She's had a very rough 2020 and is very unwell in ICU right now so if you're the praying kind, please send one out for her recovery. 

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  1. Smitten is beautiful Anorina. Congratulations to your children's achievements and I wish them well in their final. I am very sorry to hear your Mum is unwell...sending all good healing thoughts xxx

  2. Your Smitten is beautiful. Congratulations on you children's achievements. It's been lovely seeing them growing up through your photo's. Hope your Mum is ok. Hugs,xx

  3. Smitten is a fitting name for your lovely quilt. Sounds like you have the right to be a proud mum and healing wishes to your mum.

  4. I’m smitten with Smitten! It’s turned out beautifully and is very inspiring. Enjoy your busy weekend watching your kids excel in their pursuits! Keeping thoughts of your mum close to my ❤️!

  5. eeek this quilt is adorable. Now I want to make one.

    Your kids are great!! I am really proud of your kids achievements.
    Good parents are you and hubbs. I wish them success in their future!! We need good kids

    1. Thanks Rosemary.
      They’re really good kids and we’re all just looking forward to the school summer holidays which start at the end of this week.
      They won’t go back to school until February - Yay!!
      I hope you’re well too.

  6. Smitten is really lovely and your hand quilting is perfect for it.... so sorry to hear your mum is so unwell.... big hug coming your way.... and well done to the children.. they are growing up so quick it seems

  7. Your quilt is beautiful. I join you with your relief for 2020 to be coming to a close.

  8. Best wishes for your mum's recovery. It sounds like a full-on weekend but always positive when your kids are involved in things - and enjoying them plus doing well at them. Your Smitten looks great, that's a few more stitches done than you had before the start of the night.

  9. Hi Anorina, what a pretty name,btw. Sounds like you have important duties being the wonderful supportive Mum. And your kids are doing so well! That Smitten is a glory of colours and how wonderful to be hand stitching the quilt lines. Sending healing thoughts to your Mom too. I hope it is all not too stressful for you.

  10. Your quilt is gorgeous Anorina...& a finish is within sight so keep going.
    Good luck to the kids and their competition too.
    Hope Mum gets better ASAP...sending best wishes for her recovery.
    Merry Christmas xox

  11. I do love your bright Smitten quilt. A nice one to pick amd hand quilt..
    Mums are always busy doing the running around ,especially this time of year.
    Enjoy as they grow up so quickly..
    Lots of healing hugs for your dear Mum...

  12. Smitten is just beautiful! I would say no hurry to finish it off - just enjoy the process! Sending good thoughts for your mum's healing.

  13. I'm keeping your mum in my thoughts. It has been a hard year for so many of us, for so many different reasons. Producing beautiful kids and beautiful quilts is a great achievement. Well done!

  14. Hope the robotics team fared well over the weekend. Rah! Rah! And I hope you were able to spend enough time with your mom to ease your mind a bit. So sorry to hear she's in ICU. ((hugs)) Smitten is BEAUTIFUL! Lovely hand quilting. It'll get done when it gets done. No worries. I'm sure any amount of time you get to sew on it is comforing.

  15. Your quilt is beautiful. Congrats to your son. You must be so proud.


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