Strange Days + EPBlanket

As it's been over a week since I checked in here (or even turned on my computer), I thought I'd stop by and share some pictures of the happenings.

My Easy Peasy Blanket #EPBlanket is coming along nicely and I'm enjoying picking up balls of yarn, quite randomly from my bag, to create these squares.

They're made up of 14 rounds (8, 3, 3 of DC) and probably take a couple of hours each to make. Or maybe I'm just a slow crocheter. I sat with my daughter yesterday watching "Glow Up" on Netflix and crocheted. Have you seen Glow Up? It's strangely addictive.

This past week has also involved a lot of cooking and baking. It seems that every second person I know has been posting pictures (on Facebook) of the food they've been making, or breads and cakes that they've been baking.

Here are a few of the things which we've made...

I made sourdough bread again. These loaves turned out really well and were delicious when eaten hot, slathered with real butter.

We made a big batch of tomato sauce with 'end of summer' tomatoes, onion, garlic, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar. Once it's cool, we bag it up in ziplock bags and freeze it for when we make pizzas or pasta. YUM!

I my opinion, homemade tomato sauce tastes a bazillion times better than the sauce in jars. We had to make a pizza with a little bit of the sauce.

And while the oven was on, I thought I'd make a focaccia style bread too, with fresh rosemary from my garden. Sorry, there were no 'after' photos as we ate it too quickly while it was still hot.

We made a big batch of bread and butter cucumber pickles using this recipe. We love these pickles on sandwiches or with a piece of cheese on crackers. They're delicious and very more-ish. 

The pickles will last up to 6 months in the pantry and you can start eating them after a few days. Obviously, they'll be more flavourful if you leave it a few weeks before digging in.

We also made some scotch eggs. Hubby loves these and grew up eating them in England. We bought some at Sainsburys when we were in England a couple of years ago and everyone liked them. We only saw these in Australia once (in a very posh food court) and so thought we'd try to make them.

They're really quite easy to make with a boiled egg, covered in sausage meat, coated in flour, egg and bread crumbs and then fried. I'm glad that we made them (at least once).

I haven't done a lot of sewing this past week. I don't know why, really. 

Lack of motivation possibly? 

Wafting aimlessly about the place?

Or it could be that I'm not used to having everyone at home and the house doesn't stay as clean and tidy as when it's just me and the cat here during the day.

How're you doing with the Covid Isolation? Lot's more crafting and baking through your days too?

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  1. Thanks for stopping in for FNwF again. I loved having everyone over (albeit virtually) for a night of crafting. I love how your blanket is progressing too. Stay safe...xox

  2. Love your Easy Peasy blanket blocks - so pretty

  3. Pretty squares and lots of yummy baking. Enjoy.

  4. I have just printed out the recipe for the pickles and will enjoy making these next week. My motivation goes up and down, I have days when so much gets done and other days when it is basics only like meals. The blanket is coming along well, enjoy your relaxing time. x

  5. Your blanket blocks are looking wonderful. It is good to use what you have in the garden, your sauce and pickles sound great.

  6. those eggs look interesting! have never had them. I too have been baking and cooking more than normal - I guess we are all kind "nesting" right now making the most of our enforced stay at home. I haven't make pickles in awhile but I love bread and butter pickles!

  7. Your baking looks so delicious. I might have to make some focaccia after seeing your photo. A lot of people have been baking lately, since people have been complaining about the lack of flour, sugar and yeast at the stores.

  8. I loooove your crochet!! So colorful! Cheerful!!
    Greetings from Argentina.

  9. I'm really interested in your blanket and might have to give that a go after I finishing knitting a cardie for Cully May. We're in breadmaking/focaccia mode too. LOL!
    For us up here in the tropics it's time to plant our tomatoes and other 'summer' veg as winter is the only time they'll grow so we've spent a good deal of every day in the garden while hubby's on school hols.
    I haven't done much sewing either. After the garden, the cooking and the housework (and that healing soak in the swimming pool afterwards) I kind of collapse on the couch and juts knit for a couple of hours before falling into bed.
    Can I have your tomato sauce recipe please? We've planted about 12 tomato plants, three times more than last year, so I'm needing extra recipes for long term storage.
    Stay safe and healthy, Anorina. xx

    1. For the tomato sauce recipe, I use the ripest tomatoes we have. Sometimes the local fruit and veg store sells big bags of mixed tomatoes really cheaply, so I try to pick up one of those when I see them. These are often only a day or two away from being "bad" so the sauce gets made straight away.

      The way I do it is to chop up the tomatoes (skin and all), garlic cloves and an onion or two. A handful of basil leaves and a pinch or two of salt. I put these all into a processor and blitz them up until they're a "chunky chop".

      Simmer in a pan with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for an hour or so. The sauce will thicken and reduce to around half. Have a little taste and if it's a little sour, I add a little sprinkle of sugar and let it cook for a little longer.

      I let the sauce cool and then use a ladle to pour into 'sandwich size' ziplock bags. Close these up and lay them flat in the freezer and they won't take up much space at all. When I need the sauce, I generally just place a bowl of warm water in the sink and place the bag in there to defrost enough to use. One of these size bags is perfect for a quick pasta sauce or for making a couple of pizzas.

      Good Luck with your tomato plants. I hope you have an abundance of fruit. Our crop wasn't great this summer with all of the water restrictions. Hopefully, next summer will be better.

  10. OH my Goodness You are making my mouth water
    Your crochet squares look fantastic and so colourful
    Home made sauce definitely tastes better as do home grown tomatoes xx

  11. Love your EP squares. Going to make a fun, colorful blanket!! Your food pics look DELICIOUS! I've always wanted to try focaccia bread and the rosemary must've smelled up the house so nicely. Have a great week and let's see if you find that sewing machine! Lol!

  12. Your Easy Peasy blanket is lovely in the bright yarns...
    No cooking here but have done a lot of sewing and getting a few UFOs ticked off.
    Stay safe...


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