QUILT: Midnight at the Oasis

In 'The Great Declutter of 2019' (if you're not sure what I'm talking about, refer to my previous post) I found some absolute treasures. It's lovely when you find things that you'd forgotten that you had.

One such treasure was my 'Midnight at the Oasis' quilt. It's a pattern by Jen Kingwell and it looks as though I started it back around the end of 2013. I did find this progress blog post from January 2014 and I seemed quite excited by the project. I wonder why I stopped? 

Possibly the 52 little 3" churn dash blocks that were the next step in the quilt process? Or more than likely I got busy with magazine designing and this project just got left behind.

I've now finished the applique portion by adding a couple more flowers that were missing in this photo, and the next skinny little border. 

Now it's time for those teeny churn dash blocks. They're going to take a little while. I'm determined to make them with only scrap fabrics from that big old hamper in the corner of the room. 

In my google travels, I came across this song by Maria Muldaur called Midnight at the Oasis from 1974. 

I wonder if this song was the inspiration for Jen's pattern title?

... Midnight at the oasisSend your camel to bedShadows painting our faces
Traces of romance in our heads ...


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I'm so glad that you rediscovered it.

  2. Both of these are very pretty. Get to work!!

  3. lovely to see that quilt out again.... Good luck with those little churndashes..

  4. The quilts you do are always so lovely, how sweet to have found this quilt from 2013.
    I remember this song so well, we used to go for one beer after work before heading home we always put a dime in the juke box and played it before leaving, great memories from this song.


  5. Okay, NOW I know what quilt you mean, and it is looking great!


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