25 January 2014

FNSI... Progress (Midnight at the Oasis)

I've been working on my "Midnight at the Oasis" quilt over the past few weeks and am finally making good progress (even though there was a stage, earlier this week where I was ready to throw in the towel).

I didn't start at the beginning of the pattern - rather, I went straight to step 4 or 5 and worked on my orange peel blocks.

20 little needle turn appliqué blocks, using my fabric scraps. How could I resist?

These were perfect little blocks - just right for evening sewing and which were perfectly portable.

The central medallion was tricky and was unpicked and re-sewed more than once.

Last night, I got my little bias making machine and put it to work, making lots of little green strips for the next section of appliqué.

I foresee a few more evenings of hand sewing this week... and that's just how I like it.


  1. It looks fabulous. I redid the border on mine and it literally took months but I like it. I love your colors too. Very modern and full of light.

  2. so pretty!! i love all that color!

  3. wow gorgeous Anorina,well done.xx

  4. STunning! It's going to be an amazing quilt

  5. Lovely ... A lot of work ..

  6. Wow this is stunning. What a great job.


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