Dreamweaver Quilt

From the moment I saw it on Instagram, I wanted to make my very own Dreamweaver Quilt.

The Dreamweaver Quilt is a gorgeous scrappy quilt by Aussie designer, Michelle McKillop. I love, love, love Michell's work. Visit her IG feed for bucketloads of scrappy deliciousness.

I changed up the background already and used larger squares than the pattern suggested, but I was cutting up some F8's so thought it'd work out okay.

After a bit of indecisiveness, I opted to go for a scrappy look in the dream catcher applique. I'm using fabrics from my scrap tubs and so far am really loving the mix of colours and prints.

I'd never tried hand sewing pieces before - I always have sewn with my machine. This wheel (above) was hand sewn and I absolutely loved every part of the process, even it if was a lot slower than usual.

If you're interested in joining me in making a Dreamweaver Quilt, I purchased my copy of the Dreamweaver Pattern from Aussie store, Amitie Textiles.


  1. ..... I had not heard about a "Dreamweaver Quilt"
    I opened your blog and oh my, how adorable and sweet.
    Yes, I see. Now I want to make one too. This pattern makes my heart go pitter pat.
    thanks Anorina. I am going to find this pattern and make one too

  2. This quilt is going to be gorgeous, Anorina. I find hand piecing quite relaxing.
    PS Those two comments above are spam for some company. I had some too.

  3. I am glad you answered my question,Christine. What language is that?
    Anyway, Anorina, this is absolutely gorgeous! I, like you, bought this pattern in Spring. I love it so much as it reminds me of when my 35 year old son was 10. He made a bunch of these and we hung them all over his bed. You have motivated me to at least pull fabrics and get them ready. I want to make this for my son some day as . a surprise. I am from sunny and 70 degrees in Oconomowoc, WI,. USA


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