Kingfisher Quilt : Ta-Dah!

Happy (public holiday) Monday! I love a public holiday, though it could have waited a couple of weeks as we've just started our spring school holidays here in NSW too.

The kids are upstairs cleaning out their wardrobes and deciding what clothes still fit and what they can donate to charity. They're both growing up so quickly. Too quickly!

While they're busy, I thought I'd share a few pictures of my finished Kingfisher Quilt. It was finished last week, but when I came to sit and blog about it last week, I realised that I had lots of progress photos, but no photos of the finished quilt. Luckily my little "quilt holder" was available for a quick photo shoot.

Kingfisher Quilt progress blog posts (with all of the details on this pattern and where to get it) are available HEREHERE, HERE and HERE.

In the end, I decided to skip the border of EPP triangles and just finish it with a thin (red) and wider (yellow floral) border. 

I quilted the hexagons individually and then stipple quilted around them. On the red border I did a strange sort of loopy wave design which I came up with on the spur of the moment. In the yellow border I quilted a loopy design. I bound the quilt in a yellow checker print which blends in with the yellow floral quite well.

The label was hand embroidered and then appliqued to the back of the quilt along the binding. It was a bit "puffy" so I decided to stitch it down with some white perle cotton through the label and quilt back/batting. Luckily none of these little white stitches when through to the front of the quilt.

I entered my Kingfisher Quilt in my local AG show over the weekend and it won a first place in the large machine quilt section. I'm pretty pleased with that.


  1. I’ve recently finished a 1/2” hexie quilt so appreciate the dedication ! Love your quilt, so pretty. Borders are a perfect finish. Gorgeous!

  2. I'm still working on mine but have top 2/3 finished. Glad to see the quilting yu chose.

  3. As always I love your bold quilt designs and colour choices... a lovely quilt and well done on the prize...

  4. This quilt is beautiful and so is your daughter!!
    I decided to make this quilt two weeks ago... so I am way behind the wagons.
    Your quilt is very sweet

  5. It's beautiful. Your daughter looks so happy!!
    xx, Carol

  6. What a beautiful quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. It's just gorgeous!! Congratulations on your win!

  8. I just love how this turned out! It's so bright and happy, and your quilting is the perfect touch! I'm not surprised at all that you won first prize! xAli

  9. Such a beautiful happy quilt Anorina! Congratulations on winning first! Yay! ☺️ Megan xx

  10. This quilt is adorable. Love the borders...vintage with a modern vibe. Congratulations on winning first prize.


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