Kingfisher Quilt

Happy Sunday friends. Normally I'd be sharing a Sunday Seven post, but I've not been on the computer all that much this week so haven't really come across lots of new exciting things to share here.

Instead of spending a whole lot of time online, I've been continuing to work on my Kingfisher Quilt and really enjoying the slow sewing progress. 

I've now finished making all of my hexie flowers for the quilt, which admittedly makes me a little bit sad. It's been lovely to reacquaint myself with my first EPP shape and quite possibly (still) my favourite one.

One little bit of advice I can give here is to buy yourself some beeswax. There are some great Amazon or Etsy stores that sell it especially marketed for sewing.  

I searched on eBay and found some Aussie stores that sell blocks of beeswax for under $10 (including shipping). To use it, I just run the thread across the edge of the block of beeswax and it helps keep my thread tangle-free and running smoothly through my fabric when I hand sew. Love, love, love it!

I'm now at the next stage of the quilt - cutting the diamond background fabrics on which to applique the hexagon flowers. I've seen a lot of great progress on Instagram which some very different ideas for hexie/background combinations. 

I think I'm going to stick with my original plan of using low-ish volume prints for my background diamonds. I've pulled a few fabrics from my stash and have begun to cut. Now that I have a nice pile of diamonds (I haven't actually counted them yet), I will begin the slow process of removing the papers from the hexagons. This is when I wish I hadn't used glue (which was fast in the beginning) and thread basted. Hah!

I use a Clover Hera Marker to gently seperate the papers from the fabric and I find that the pointy end works best for me. I'll probably end up using this tool to mark my lines when (and if) I decide to hand-quilt this project.

For anyone interested in making the Kingfisher Quilt and joining the #KingfisherStitchAlong on Instagram, you can get more information on the blogs, Tales of Cloth and Stitched in Color.


  1. Hi Anorina lovely hexies my friend cant wait to see this quilt finished,hope you have a lovely Sunday xx

    1. Thanks Shez. They were certainly a lot of fun to make.

  2. Such a delicious bundle of hexies...

    1. Hi Maria, almost like a rainbow lollipop, wouldn't you say?

  3. I love your fabric choices. Aren't all the different styles on Instagram fun to see? I am already assembling my diamonds. I too miss the hexie making stage, so I started making more for future projects. I have so many scraps!

  4. Love your bundle of hexi flowers! They will look so pretty on LV backgrounds, can't wait to see more.


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