Using up yarn scraps

There's something nice about working on a no-stress, easily portable crochet project. I've been using my left over Stylecraft Special DK yarn from the Granny Stripe Blanket which I made earlier this winter. 

I've got a ziplock bag that I've been carting around which holds a couple of balls of yarn and my 4mm crochet hook. I've been making little granny squares with no actual final project in mind. Each square only takes around 10 minutes and they're the perfect size for quick little bursts of craftiness.

At last count, there were 130 finished granny squares but I think I've made a couple more since then. I only have a couple of balls of yarn left and have started thinking about how I'll use the squares. 

Last night I visited Wool Warehouse and purchased some cream yarn which is what I'll probably use to bring a blanket together. 

Of course while on the website, I couldn't resist ordering a few more colours for future projects. I do love working with Stylecraft Special DK. It's just so soft, squishy, lovely to work with and best of all, shipping to Australia (from the UK) is very reasonably priced.


  1. you are so clever with your crochet ideas...

    1. Thanks Fiona. I watch so many crochet videos on YouTube, that I'll never have enough time to make all of the things that I'd like to.

  2. Hi Anorina what a great way to use up your scraps and they will look awesome joined up with the cream,you are very clever my friend xx

    1. Thanks Shez. I find these quite addictive to make.
      I'm hoping that I chose a nice shade of cream - colours always seem to look a little bit different on a computer screen.


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