Crochet Granny Stripe Blanket {FINISH}

It's a 'tadah' day. My crochet granny stripe blanket is finished. Yay! I have absolutely enjoyed working on this blanket and am extra happy that it's finished in time for the cooler weather. I tell ya, we're never short of a blanket or quilt around here. 

The original pattern for this blanket is over on Attic 24, but I added a few extra rows as I still had lots of yarn - it's always nice for a blanket to be a little bigger rather than too small.

After spending a day weaving in all of those ends, I was able to begin my edges. I went all around the edge with the 3 DC clusters (just like the granny stripe). I then changed colour and did a TR (treble or triple) crochet stitch all around the edge. It's a lot taller than the DC without a lot of extra effort, so in my mind, height-wise, it sort of counts as two rows (if that makes sense).

I then did a SC crochet in the same colour around the edge and finished with a lovely scallop into the SC stitches. I love a scallop edge.

I haven't blocked it but I'm not sure that I even will as it's already been used by kids snuggling on the couch.

I rewound all of the remaining bits of yarn to keep them nice a tidy. Now I just need to figure out what my next crochet project will be. I don't 'NEED' another blanket, but geez I love to make them. I love to have a project that I can just pick up and work on, sitting, waiting, in a bag beside my seat on the couch.

Do you have a pick-up and work-on project that lives near your comfy space in the living room?


  1. This is beautiful. I recently finished Lucy's hydrangea blanket and always like to have a project I can just pick up as well as one that requires more concentration. Think I might need a granny stripe blanket soon though ☺

    1. I really loved her hydrangea blanket too, but thought it might be a little warm for this area and might not get much use. Happy crocheting x

  2. Its gorgeous and looks lovely draped over your sweet girl!

    1. Thanks Fiona. She's already claimed it for herself!


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