Seven for Sunday: 29 April 2018

Happy Sunday my friends. Here are 7 things which I have recently discovered, recently used, or just really like. Perhaps you'll find something that you might like here too. 

1. With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to get busy crafting.  These embroidery hoop patterns are just lovely from Radiant Home Studio.

2. And now speaking of embroidery, Mollie of Wild Olive is an embroiderer extraordinaire. She offers a lot of  her super cute patterns on her blog, but now has started a podcast along with Hayley of Red-Handled Scissors, called 'very serious crafts'. Yay! Listen to it here.

3. Patchwork Posse has a wonderful article which includes a whole lot of links, all about sewing machines. The machines themselves, projects and tutorials for machine covers, information about machine needles and lighting.

crochet for home & fashion

4. The Starlight Baby Blanket is a free pattern by Barbara of the blog 'Made in K-Town'. Wouldn't this make a lovely gift for a new baby?

5. The University of Wollongong is inviting crocheters to participate in a survey to explore the impact of crochet on perceptions of their mental and social well being. If you'd like to participate, it takes about 5 minutes and is completely anonoymous.

I'll be interested to hear the results but I bet they'll say something like 'crocheters feel less stressed when they crochet and they love sharing their creations with their online friends'.

6. Annemarie Chany has shared an excellent HST reference sheet with a convenient printable sheet

7. As you know, I'm away on holiday in England right now. After a day out, we came back to our accommodation and I turned on the television to saw The Pioneer Woman creating this delicious looking Shrimp Scampi in 16 minutes flat

Now, I'm curious to know... do call these delicious little crustaceans shrimp? Or prawns? Or something else in your part of the world?


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