Modern Quilt Tour with Riley Blake Designs

Good Morning and welcome to my stop on the Riley Blake Designs Quilt-It Modern Blog Tour featuring Riley Blake Confetti Colors and Crayola Colors.

As you probably already know, I absolutely love, love, LOVE working with bright and bold colours. They make me happy and have the power to change boring, into WOW!

Choosing the colours which I wanted to work with was hard! There are so many beautiful shades. I finally decided on a warm & cool palette. I love how these yellow/orange/reds balance and work with the mint/teal/turquoise colours.

I created an 18" pillow for my lounge. It's made with (4) 9" blocks of a basic star flower block. Two blocks in each colour-way, sewn on opposite corners. I added a layer of batting to the back and quilted it with straight lines, 1/4" outside of each seam. I'm normally a FMQer, so these straight lines were a fun change.

I really loved this pillow but then, on a whim, decided to use up the scraps (from the strips I'd cut for the first one) to create a second pillow. This one is a little smaller measuring 14" - but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in pizzazz.

To make this second pillow, I cut the color strips into 2 uneven pieces and then sewed these to either side of a white strip. I didn't use any real measurements for this pillow, other than squaring up the pillow top at 14.5". I quilted it with some crazy zig-zags and finished it with some black and white binding.

I hope you've enjoyed my stop on the Quilt-In Modern Blog Tour and I hope it has inspired you to create something bright, bold and happy for your space.

Visit these creative people and see what magic they've conjured with their Riley Blake Confetti Colors and Crayola Colors and don't forget to follow along on Instagram by checking out the #ModernQuiltTour hashtag.

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  1. Your cushions are beautiful! You chose the perfect palette to complement tour sofa! And I love the striped binding too!

    1. Thank you! I must admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for a black and white stripey binding :)

  2. These cushions are very pretty. You picked the right colors and I love the quilting! Fabulous job!

  3. Gorgeous work, Anorina, you make these colours sing! I really love your zigzag quilting, not only looks good but I find the more densely I quilt a cushion the better chance it has of surviving the 'love' of my children :)

  4. These are amazing! Love the one with the binding. I've been teaching myself to make pillows lately. How do you put binding on?

  5. wow Anorina i love your sense of colour those cushions are amazing,i also love your style of decorating,well done ....

  6. Gorgeous pillows!!! Like the bold use of color and shape!


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