Bliss Balls for your Eye Balls {Recipe}

Brought to you by Specsavers

Last month, we received our reminder letter to go in and get our eyes checked. It had been 12 months since our last test and so we made our appointments and went in to our local optometrist. Even though we’d love to wear glasses and spent a while trying on different frames (for fun), Amelia and I were given the all clear.

My son and husband are optically challenged (is that even a word?) and did get to choose new glasses. As we are entitled to a new pair of glasses each year through our health fund, Sam got a second pair and now has a pair at school and a pair for home. Husband chose some prescription sunglasses and knows that he’ll get in trouble if he loses these ones (like he seems to do with all of his other sunglasses).

How is your eye health? Have you had your eyes checked recently?

May 24 to May 30 is Macular Degeneration awareness week and Specsavers are encouraging us all to go and get our eyes tested.

MD is relatively simple to detect with a macula exam and the use of Digital Retinal Photography (DRP) that helps optometrists detect the early signs of MD. DRP is offered free of charge at all Specsavers stores as part of every standard eye test, and uses sophisticated equipment to produce a high resolution photograph of the retina, optic nerve and blood vessels.

Although there is no cure for MD, there are a number of treatments than can slow down its progression. The earlier the disease is detected, the more vision an MD sufferer is likely to retain.

Specsavers has teamed up with leading dietician and nutritionist, Susie Burrell, to create a healthy MD busting ‘Bliss Balls for your Eye Balls’ recipe that utilises ingredients rich in a number of vitamins, such as Vit A and Vit E, along with a host of antioxidants that are proven to be good for the eyes and are key in the battle against MD.

Specsavers Bliss Balls for your Eye Balls by Susie Burrell

Bliss Balls for your Eye Balls recipe:
Makes 12

● 175g mixed nut/seed spread
● Approx 10 dates
● 1/2 cup dried blueberries
● 1/2 cup dried cranberries
● 1/3 cup pepitas
● 2 tbsp honey
● 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
● Coconut for rolling

1. Place all ingredients (excluding coconut) in a food processor and blend to combine.
2. Using a tablespoon, roll into balls.
3. Roll in coconut then place in the fridge for up to an hour to firm up.


To encourage Samelia’s Mum readers to have their eyes checked this Macular Degeneration awareness week, Specsavers are giving three lucky readers the chance to win a Specsavers voucher for two complementary pairs of designer glasses. 

To have the chance to win a Specsavers voucher all you need to do is describe to me what your dream glasses frames would look like.

Inconspicuous and barely there OR daring with bright, bold frames and a bit of bling? 

This giveaway will also be posted on the Samelia's Mum Facebook Page, so for an extra chance to win, visit me there and look for the Specsavers post.

PS. Did you see Maggie Beer's frames last night on Masterchef? Hot pink and purple. Loved them!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED - WINNERS: Outback Crafter, Lianne and Patchwork & Play

Terms and Conditions: This is a game of skill. Giveaway is open to Australian Residents ONLY. Giveaway will close on Friday, 29 May 2015 at 17:00 AEST. The prize will be sent by the promoter/s. Samelia’s Mum will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winner. Winner/s will be announced on the Samelia's Mum Facebook page and/or contacted by email. The winner has 7 days to claim the prize. If it is not claimed within this time period, it will be forfeited.


  1. Light in weight but full of colour. Purple arms are what I'm after!

  2. Purple with a little bling.

  3. I love Specsavers range of glasses. I like a nice solid frame with some nice solid coloured arms - kindof similar to a nice looking bloke - oh and ahh no bling haha.

  4. Semi-rimless glasses, I would love
    Silver with plastic or patterned arms
    Only at SpecSavers, will I find such a charm!

  5. Nice & Neutral. Thin Chocolate brown frames with a pearl reflection.

  6. White in colour,with medium-largish lenses...something sexy...😉 woot woot

  7. Obsessed with Retro 50's cats eye style, mauve or pink on top with clear bottom

  8. Specsavers glasses is what I need,
    Big bold and black stylish pair to help me read,
    I love the designer pair by Roxy,
    I'm sure with new ones hubby will call me foxy,
    Big lenses to cover my eyes,
    I would be trilled to win this prize!

  9. In reality I wear black frames from specsavers but what I would love to wear would be winged with diamantes and gold or solver flecks throughout the frame, think Dame Edna or the basic frames that girls wore in the late 60s early 70s!

  10. In reality I wear black frames from specsavers but what I would love to wear would be winged with diamantes and gold or solver flecks throughout the frame, think Dame Edna or the basic frames that girls wore in the late 60s early 70s!

  11. Something bold but not over the top. A bit of bling maybe but just a touch. And something to repel my two year old!! He loves to take my glasses for a walk, wearing them around his neck!

  12. WOW! What an amazing giveaway! I would love a new pair of glasses! I like semi-frameless, with a bold (red or purple?) colour on the top and the arms! And the essential adjustable nose piece for my narrow bridge. ( I thought I was comment #13 -unlucky! But I see Liane inadvertently published hers twice! Phew!)

  13. My dream glasses would be like Buzz Light Year to infinity and beyond with indestructible arms and lenses for my master Sam.

    Another pair was irrepairably damaged at school last week after he was knocked over (accidentally at play) Thank goodness for Specsavers 2 for 1 - though we have 3 months till our specialist appointment and review of script.

    The school rang me during the day -because they were so bent and scratched he couldn't wear them - way to soften the news for Sam.

    In kinder another BRAT bent and caused the arms to snap off. The kinder teacher sent home A POST IT NOTE APOLOGY to me and said she sent one to the mum.No his mother didn't pay up ,

  14. Stand aside Harry Potter, Nana Mouskouri, Dame Edna and Elton John. I'm about to make glasses fashionable! Love sides with a different colour/pattern on the outer and the inner arms, something bold, for the days I'm feeling less than outgoing. And stronger than my current 4 year old ones! (also from Specsavers)

  15. I'd like a nice tortoiseshell with rhinestones in the corner! As well as some magical thinning product on the lenses, which are fairly embarrassing otherwise.

  16. I'd love a pair of purple glasses & a navy blue pair would be great too. I love the shape of frames that are fashionable at the moment but would love more colour options, there seems to be lots of black & dark tortoiseshell but not so much colour. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Pink with racing stripes of Orange. Think frames but bold arms.

  18. Peppermint striped. I had a pair when I was really young and would love a bright, shocking pair at 57!

  19. Love, love, loveSpecsaverss! My perfect glasses frame is bright & bold,
    Colours like purple, aqua, pink, red, and always welcome ~ a hint of gold,
    I've quite a round face, so they need to be rectangular, or an oversized square sunny,
    Try as I might, most other shapes just look too funny.
    Reactions coating & polarised lenses help my high sensitivity to glare,
    So I'm not squinting and sore, and instead can wear with proper flair,
    I must admit I much prefer a fantastic plastic arm,
    Just for fun, let's add some bling, why not? I can't see any harm!

  20. I love those bliss balls idea... they sound yum and if they are healthy too it's a bonus.... I prefer an inconspicous pair of glasses... but with a hint of colour...

  21. Well my perfect glasses i would say would have to be light barely there but with a bit of bling ;) all depending what would suit me i have a hard enough time finding sunnies that suit me !!

  22. Dream glasses would be any sort that could make my huge nose look smaller :)

  23. I am very sensitive to light but love to read outside on the patio. I have to have sunglasses large enough to keep out the light but would like frames to be soft in color. Is it possible for this combination to be fashionable?

  24. I'd actually love to win for my 20-year-old niece. I took her out last week as she suffers with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and depression and is going through a rough time at the moment. She actually went in to Specsavers and tried on some glasses. I'm not sure what her dream pair would look like, but she would rock them for sure.

  25. I would absolutely love a black wide pair of sunglasses, that are classic and channel the elegant style of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  26. Invisible, I have been in denial for so long... I can embroider with my eyes closed. But I am now teaching my little lady to knit. ( yep mum sewed all her life and DD wants to knit, whole different issue here!!!)
    And then my 5 year old turns around (after my vocal acknowledgement of dropping stitches) and says MUM you should have gone to specsavers.. However my reply "have you cleaned your room, alway shuts them up

  27. I'd love a stylish pair with black frames, very now and trendy but classy. I still have an old pair of metal framed ones I got when my daughter was in Prep, she's now in Year 9.

  28. I love plastic frames because I hate those nose pads you find on metal frames. And I like my frames to be very bright in colour; my favourite frame colour is red. They also have to be chic. I love Specsavers. I bought my last four spectacles there and I will be back as soon as I am able to afford new glasses.

  29. Dame Edna style is all the bling I need in eye wear, bold, beaded and blingy. Blinging beautiful.

  30. Soft pink gold frames with a little lattice work on the sides - hopefully they'll reflect a warm pink glow to my skin.

  31. With red arms & a bold frame,
    my glasses will finally complement my lion's mane!

  32. Something rectangle to offset my melon head and with thick bold frames to add texture to my flat Asian face.

  33. Now, this is purely my imagination, but you said "dream glasses" so I'm going to run with it. I would love it if they could somehow not touch my face. They'd still look like normal glasses and they'd be a rich dark brown (which is complimentary with any outfit without washing out my skin like black frames do). But there'd be a thin buffer of air between the frame and my nose. And maybe some air cushioning where they go above and around my ears too. Impossible I know, but a girl who wears glasses everyday can dream.

  34. Metallic red, rounded edges and as blingy as they can get

  35. Wouldn't it be lovely to have frames that can change with your mood and outfits! Maybe they could have a USB outlet somewhere and when you load them into the computer they change design, almost like a 3d printer.

  36. I want my mum's cats-eye glasses from the 60's! Very cool.

  37. Jenny Kee style - bright colour....I WEAR GLASSES! Be proud and out there of the fact...not ones that pretend not to be there

  38. Something square. To suit my personality.


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