Natures Journey by Hatched & Patched {Stitch A Long}

I have joined the Natures Journey Stitch A Long, because… I love to stitch and I have no will-power. Natures Journey is the lovely new pattern by Anni Downs and I plan on delving into my scrap tubs to create this quilt.

My stash seemed to be lacking in low volume prints for the backgrounds, so when I saw that Spotlight were selling 10 FQ’s for $10, I made it my mission to go in and shop. Shopping for fabric is such a hardship, don’t you think? ;-)

Nature's Journey Background

I somehow ended up with 70 FQ’s in my basket, but with a birthday gift card and a $10 off coupon, I only paid $20. Not too bad… if I do say so myself.

I particularly like this chicken print.
Isn’t it just cuteness… and very apt considering this quilt is all about nature and such.

Natures Journey - Fabric


  1. i love these,good buying Anorina.xx

  2. Seventy fat quarters for $20! What a bargain. I just love shopping when I have a gift voucher. It's makes shopping so much more fun, don't you think.

  3. That is an amazing bargain. You are a super shopper

  4. WOW!! How did I miss that special - great choice for backgrounds!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.... you are always so creative with your colours...

  6. nice prints.............I do like the chooks.............


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