Handmade Scandinavian Christmas

Christmas is all about expectation, excitement, joy, good feeling and of course, tradition.

A Scandinavian Christmas is about as far from an Australian Christmas, that you can get - yet Handmade Scandinavian Christmas, by Hege Barnholt, is a wonderful resource which can be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

Handmade Scandinavian Christmas


Handmade Scandinavian Christmas is a beautifully photographed book, filled with wonderfully natural ideas, inspiring the reader to gather their family and create their own Christmas traditions. It is filled with Christmas crafting and ways to get everyone involved in spreading joy and enjoying the excitement of the lead up to Christmas.




Handmade Scandinavian Christmas is divided up into sections: Preparing for Christmas, Cut and Glue, Light and Warmth, For the Birds, Perfect Presents, For Little Hands, Almost Christmas, Advent Calendars, Christmas Flowers, Tasty Presents, Sweet Christmas, Wrapped with Love, The Scent of Christmas, Cake Galore.



There are over 120 projects and each is beautiful, yet achievable. Easy-to-follow instructions are accompanied by stunning photographs and full size templates to guide the reader through a creative and crafty Christmas celebration!




My favourite section is Wrapped with Love. It’s filled with gorgeous ideas on wrapping gifts and making them look as special as the gift inside. It is divided up into colour themes which a section devoted to making labels and cards.




Wrapping symbolizes the excitement and anticipation whilst the presents are sat under the tree. The wrapping can be just as exciting as the present itself showing both love and care.




Cake Galore completes this book, with delicious recipes which can be made with (and eaten by) the whole family. Cakes and biscuits incorporating dried fruits - sweet bites of yumminess which everyone will enjoy. Christmas muesli, marzipan hearts and even chocolate truffles.




Handmade Scandinavian Christmas is a book which will be kept and opened each year, guiding the reader in creating a handmade Christmas, filled with excitement, inspiration and family traditions.

Available at Booktopia and CanDo Books.

ISBN: 9781446303610
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 160
Published: 1st September 2013
Publisher: DAVID & CHARLES

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book to review. All thoughts and images are my own.


  1. Sounds and looks like a brilliant book.

  2. A beautiful book even if you don't get around to making anything it would be a great conversation or reading piece on your xmas coffee table!!


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