FNWF : Results

I had every intention of sewing up a storm, starting on Friday afternoon. This little flower needed the raw edges completed, but I put it off.

I'd made these blocks for a baby quilt, earlier in the day and wanted to work on it first.

We're finally getting the driveway and path finished, so while the concreters were working, we were housebound. Making a baby quilt seemed like a good idea.

But I didn't get any further than this on the baby quilt either.

Hubby was home for the day, between a couple of long work trips, and suggested we go to Bunnings to buy the castors for the cutting/pressing table, which I've wanted. We made a little path round through the neighbors yard, hopped into the car and went for an outing.

Here are the wheels, screwed into the bottom of the table which makes it so easy to move around, but with brakes to lock the wheels in place, if need be.

Hubby left for work early this morning and is due back home on Thursday, so I'm glad he was able to do this for me on his day at home.

After dinner, I sat down to watch the new episode of Vampire Diaries (yay!!) and started working on a little needle turn appliqué.

I only got as far as half of the vase and a leaf.

Not a productive as I'd hoped, but I now have a few WIP's to play with.


  1. great table and I love all those happy sewing projects...

  2. You have a lot on the go. It all looks lovely and the top flower is so colourful.

  3. Love your table and the flower top is beautiful too, sounds like you are really busy.

  4. Beautiful table and very happy stitching :-)

  5. Lots of lovely projects for you to keep working on.

  6. You kept yourself busy with odds so that was a good effort in itself! Very colourful flower vase... will be great when needle turned. Thanks for joining in FNWF too. I enjoyed your company! :)


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