Settling In

It has been almost 2 weeks since we moved into the new house. Even though we got the keys, there were still a lot of things which needed completing. And there still are. We have no driveway (yet), and need some retaining walls built before we can get our lawn and landscaping finished.

But you know what, even though there is still much to be done, we are so happy to finally be here. We have space to move. We are back to the suburb where many of our friends live and which is near the kids school. It is the area where we feel most comfortable and most at home.

There are boxes that need unpacking. So, so many boxes of things that we’d forgotten we had. Much of it has been in storage for over a year, so that’s my excuse. I have to admit that it’s been a little bit like Christmas, opening up boxes marked “buffet” or “study” and finding platters which I’d forgotten I had or books that I’d long ago read and am looking forward to reading once again.

I’ve found a few of my owls. Just a few. There are more owls, which I’m looking forward to rediscovering.

Owl Table

They’ve congregated on my hall table for the moment… along with my little collection of sea glass. I do love sea glass. It’s just so pretty. We find a lot of the brown glass along the local coastline, so the green and aqua is more treasured because it’s harder to find.


Remember my dining table post a while ago? Well I ended up placing an order with a local craftsman who has made the most beautiful table. This photo certainly doesn’t do it justice (taken in the evening on my iPhone). It looks and feels strong and sturdy and I look forward to many happy meals and memories being made around this table.

Dining Table

The white chairs are from Ikea. It’s a 12 seater table and at this stage (when the photo was taken), hubby along with my dad had put together 10 of them.

Those 2 clever and handy men, were going hard with their screw drivers, getting through all of the Ikea flat packs I’d bought. Did you see the photo on Instagram of the 4 trolley loads we bought that day? Love them to bits and glad they kept their cool when not everything was slotting into place.

Living Room

That trip to Ikea was my one big spree. We’ve kept most of our old furniture as it’s just in too good a condition to throw away. I did buy a Raskog Kitchen Trolley in turquoise. It’s a kitchen trolley, but just perfect to store my handwork WIP’s, supplies, quilt mags and books which I’m currently reading.

Raskog Craft Trolley

The trolley is on wheels and easy to wheel around the house. I really recommend one of these if you’re ever at an Ikea store. They’re intended for the kitche, but they’re just so perfect for crafters.

I have figured out the oven and am in love with it. It’s powerful and so roomy. Compared with the ovens I’ve used in the past, this is the Rolls Royce of ovens.


I’ve been baking up a storm and putting the new kitchen to good use. I still have to get into the routine of remembering which pot is in which cupboard…but I’ll get there.

Cinnamon Scrolls

Cinnamon Scrolls anyone? These turned out absolutely beautifully and in half the time they’d take in the old oven. Am I a little too excited about an oven?

You may be wondering about the sewing room. It’s still a work in progress. So much to find a place for and to put away.

Sewing Room Progress

Sewing Room Progress 2

Once it’s all sorted and I’m pleased with the layout, I’ll share more photos.
Those walls are looking very plain and in desperate need of some mini or dolly size quilts and wall hangings – don’t you think?


  1. wow what an awesome place Anorina,i can see why you are all happy to be in there,enjoy.xx

  2. Looking great - You could have a giant inspiration board on the big wall in your sewing room. Somewhere to hang inspiration, ideas, test blocks, fabric swatches, whatever inspires you & helps you create :)
    Oh and I love love love your dinning table.

    1. Great idea! Yes an inspiration board would be perfect on one of these boring walls. Thank you x

  3. Looking good! I need one of those trolleys LOL the quilting machine looks a bit squashed up against the wall but your room is really coming together!

    1. Yes it's out of the way right now but luckily it has wheels so it's easy to move around. Those trolleys are gorgeous. I'd seen them on other blogs and "needed" one too. I was so lucky to get it as it was the last turquoise one on the shelf when I was there.

  4. You can never get too excited about an oven! LOVE your sewing space.

  5. It all looks amazing - enjoy your new home. Your sewing studio looks fantastic - all that space.

  6. love the trolley.. love your ironing board..
    thanks for sharing the recipes...:)


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