Friday Night Sew In (FNSI)

My sewing room has finally started to take shape and is semi tidy, which means that it's time to do some sewing.

I'm joining the FNSI ladies and am going to finish the appliqué on my Flutterby Quilt.

It needs some leaves and perhaps some text?

From the beginning, this quilt has taken its own direction and I'm just going along for the ride.


  1. Love it. Good luck finishing the lovely quilt.

  2. my studio just got painted, so i need to do some finishes too

  3. Your quilt is beautiful... so bright and fresh. It is nice to go cruise along sometimes.

  4. Hi Anorina, I am a straggling FNSI comment... this is such a great quilt, and I love that you are just letting it evolve as you go... I think I should never have such skill!


Thank you for your comment.