Building a House {August Update}

Well the finish line is nearing… though the rate at which that line is nearing seems to be draggingggggggg…
Here’s another house picture (to add to my collection of 000’s). The sky wasn’t this gloomy and foreboding when I took the photo – I played with the Snap Seed app on my iPhone for a little extra drama. Have you tried Snap Seed?

Samelias Mum House

The tilers have finished the bathrooms, laundry and the kitchen. I decided on a white bevelled subway tile for the kitchen splashback. They’re just classic and I think that they’re beautiful.

Bevelled Subway Tiles

The black stone bench tops are covered to keep them protected though I couldn’t help myself and had to have a little peek. The standard door handles were a polished chrome, but I really preferred to pay a little extra and have these dark knobs rather than handles… I saved on some things – for example, I kept with the basic laundry floor tiles (really who looks closely at the laundry floor) and I decided that the kitchen would get a little bit of extra attention.

Kitchen Island Bench SameliasMum

I admit, I spent a long time looking through magazines and online (especially Pinterest) deciding what I liked, down to the last detail… like kitchen door knobs.

Samelias Mum Kitchen

That doorway to the right, is the walk in pantry. The pantry is approximately 2m wide and as long as the kitchen wall (it goes up to the where the refrigerator cavity is). Other than a sewing studio, a large kitchen and walk in pantry were high on my wish list. Luckily for us, our builder was able to add this, at not too great an expense.
We’re still waiting for the shelving to arrive and it’s going to be the most fabulous space to store all of my kitchen gadgets. I wonder how long it will take for me to fill it? Have you seen Nigella’s pantry? That is what I’m envisioning for mine… a girl can dream, right?
The blinds and shutters have been ordered (Yay!!) and the measuring man has been in to measure for our flooring. Here he is, measuring up my sewing room.

Samelias Mum Sewing Room

The painters have finished and moved onto their next job and hopefully (fingers crossed) the plumbers and electricians come in this week to finish off the remaining bits and pieces.


Only a few more weeks… patience is a virtue… patience is a virtue… patience is a virtue…


  1. wow its looking fantastic,oh the excitement Anorina,not long to go now.xx

  2. It is looking awesome! Must be soooooo exciting to move into a brand new house with everything the way 'you' want it! Sweet!

  3. Wonderful and how bright and beautiful your new home. I am so excited for you, I am a person who loves being in my home. You will start some great new memories soon.

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  5. I came across your blog just today because of the name! (My name is Amelia) Gorgeous house and the clouds look amazing. What that the app you used that made the clouds stand out?

  6. BEAUTIfuL! You will love your kitchen! I have similar backsplash tiling and would not trade it for any other;always look great! Nothing is as pretty or clean-looking as a white kitchen.You will never tire of it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your home is looking gorgeous! Not much longer now, and you can start putting all of your personal touches to it. Looking forward to a cuppa invite ;-)

  8. Beautiful Anorina! Love the dramatic sky!!

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