School Holidays: Crafting with Kids

I love school holidays. Have I mentioned that before? Hmmm… probably.

No crazy mornings. No rushing about to get things done before it’s time to collect the kids from school and take them to after school activities.

Pyjama days. Lack of routines. Spending time with my babies… while they’re still young enough to want to hang out with mum.

We’ve been doing a lot of crafting. I have 2 very creative kids, which pleases me to no end.

They’ve both been practising their stitching. Sam has limited attention when it comes to working on his stitched robot.


SH - Stitching


He’d rather go and build machines and robots and rockets and whatever else comes to mind, out of things he finds in the recycling bin. He’s going through sticky tape and glue at a rapid rate, but, he’s using his imagination, which is more important.

Amelia is becoming quite the little stitcher.


SH - Stitching with Kids


Her stitches are becoming very even and she’s really enjoying it. She’s only 5 years old, and loves it so I’m hoping that this will be a craft which stays with her for many years to come.

Always on the search for new craft ideas and projects, we found some cute “Make Your Own” pillows at Kmart.

We bought the butterfly pillow kit which comes with a special stylus and colourful bits of fabric to push through the numbered holes. The end result will be a pretty butterfly pillow.


SH - Butterfly craft


Amelia is really enjoying this craft, so we may have to go back and buy the cupcake kit too. Have you been to Kmart lately? There are so many fun kits for kids who love to craft.

Cross Stitch kits, Tapestry kits, pottery kits, felt sewing kits. Beading, Ceramic painting and kits to make your own jewelled books. Honestly, the variety is fabulous and the price is very, VERY reasonable. If you have crafty kids, I highly recommend a visit to the craft section at your local (Aussie) Kmart store.

Another great service, for crafty kids is Funky Elephant. It’s a subscription based service – every month your child (or gift recipient) will receive a trunk full of interesting projects to complete.

We’ve been making a solar system with the goodies from last months trunk.


SH - Funky Elephant 2


If you have a crafty child, this is the perfect gift (that keeps on giving). If grandparents aren’t sure what to get for a birthday or Christmas, suggest Funky Elephant. Visit for more details.

We’ve also been baking and cooking up a storm too – best of all, we cook when the mood strikes. No need to worry about having to be somewhere at a specific time.


SH - Making Pizza


I really need to share this pizza dough recipe with you. Other than the time it takes to prove, there is not much to it. And kids love to make their own pizzas.

We’ve also been to some fun “FREE” activities. Of course there have been visits to the park and the beach. In a bid to get people through their doors, local shopping centres and clubs put on great school holiday shows for the kids.

Last week, Amelia got to meet Lalaloopsy at the local shops. She was a little afraid to get a photo with her, so she stood a little bit forward, while Lalaloopsy posed for the photo in the background.


SH - Lalaloopsy


A free magic show was also a fun activity the kids attended. Sam is the sort of kid that gets picked to be the assistant at shows. Must be the cheeky smile.

He was the magicians assistant, and scored himself a balloon hat.


SH - Balloon Hat


That tooth, hanging in the middle, has since fallen out. He wrote this cute note to the tooth fairy…


SH - Tooth Fairy


The tooth fairy didn’t give him the full amount requested, but he did score a smaller note.

And that was our first week. Not much time for blogging but enjoying some relaxing family time. Here’s to one more week of school holidays. Yay!

What have you been up to this past week?

Do you have crafty kids?

How do encourage their craftiness?


  1. Beautiful childrens!!!!


    Maria Filomena

  2. boy the kiddies have had a fun week so far,its good seeing the kiddies get into craft and Amelia is a excellent stitcher.xx

  3. Looks like lots of holiday fun at your house Anorina!

  4. What a treat to read about the children's crafting. Amelia's stitching is beautiful!!! I have seen adults not as neat. As for Sam's note to the tooth fairy ... lol ... optimism is something to be cultivated:)

  5. What fabulous stitching from Amelia!! My little one loves the little sewing kits I get for her (basically whip stitch through the holes going around a shape and then sticking on the embellishments of eyes, wings, cheeks ..), but I haven't really been fantastic in making things available to her during these holidays - she has, however, gone through all our sticky tape (and my masking tape, which is supposed to be for when I'm drawing out stitcheries on fabric, lol! It was a full roll early last week!!). I may have to go and have a look in Kmart for some small kits - definitely one of those cushions!! I know she'd think that was just fabulous!! Thanks for the inspiration Anorina!!! We have another week of holidays after this one up here in the NT, so I'm kinda needing fresh and new ideas to make sure she just doesn't go off the rails ;) Enjoy the rest of your school holidays!!! xx


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