Wordless Wednesday @ Lake Macquarie

We’re having a lovely little family holiday on the Central Coast of NSW.

With a husband whose work roster doesn’t allow for traditional weekends and holidays, we try to make the most of the time he does have off. As the kids get older and school demands increase, I’m guessing our little weekday getaways won’t be as easy as they are now.

We’re enjoying the last of the warm weather in a town called Lake Macquarie. We haven’t had much time to explore the area or neighbouring towns yet, but we have been exploring the holiday resort.

I love these holiday houses. The large veranda’s are lovely and I can imagine how perfect they’d be on hot summer evenings. Lemonade (or wine) in hand and listening to the cicada’s.


House 1

House 2


Lake Macquarie




We met some of the locals on the day we arrived. They had just been fed (daily feeding by the resort staff at 2:30pm) and were licking their lips… DO PELICANS EVEN HAVE LIPS?




The weather is still warm enough for some swimming. I got this photo early in the morning, before it was over taken by excited, splashing children.


Small Pool


Amelia coming for a little rest of some vigorous splashing.


Amelia Swimming


The custom road signs are all around the resort. Yes, children on bikes and scooters roaming the local habitat… free range style.


Free Range Children


Beautiful flowering hibiscus




Mid term family breaks – getting away from the everyday. Love them!

Have you been on a little getaway lately?


  1. looks lovely Anorina,i am pretty sure thatis where Cheryll from gone stitchin lives,such a pretty place,have fun.xx

  2. Looks like a really relaxing place for families. Love those pelicans. Amelia obviously is a water baby:)

  3. We stayed at Jenolan Caves in the Victorian-era Caves House for Bed and Breakfast last weekend. We also took a tour of Jubilee Cave, one of those not on the day time tours!

  4. Love that child sign!!
    My old grandad used to sing and whistle alot, a fall back from when he was a miner in North East UK coal mines way back when. He used recite bits of poems too.........funny ones rather than great literature and always made me smile as a child with.......
    A wonderful bird is a pelican
    Its beak can hold more then its belly can................


Thank you for your comment.