Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013

Visiting the Sydney Royal Easter Show is a tradition - which we love.

Even though the temperature was un-seasonally warm reaching the mid-30’s (celcius), we braved the heat and spent the day at the Show.

It’s a HUGE event with so much to see and experience. We know that we can’t do it all in one day, but we make sure that we do some things, that we all like.

First up, we visit the animals. This is really what the show is all about. Bringing a little bit of the country and rural life, to the city.


Sydney Royal Easter Show - Baby Chicks

Amelia loved the baby chicks. So cute!

And we were all intrigued to watch the mama pig feed her baby piglets.


Sydney Royal Easter Show - Piglets

After seeing the farm animals, as well as patting and feeding all the baby animals in the nursery, we headed to the wood chopping.

It was hot. Super, super, super hot in the wood chopping stadium.

We bought our obligatory Dagwood Dogs - this is last years Dagwood Dog photo – I didn’t manage to take one this year – Whoops!


Dagwood Dog 2012


Then sat down to watch the Australian (and world) wood chopping champions in action.

These men are amazing! They chop through a thick tree trunk (I’m sure the wood in a wood chopping competition, actually has a proper name, though I don’t know it) in around 20 seconds. Seriously. That quick.


Sydney Royal Easter Show - Wood Chopping


With lunch finished and the tree felling round completed, we moved over to the arts and crafts hall. This was my favourite.

I got to see all of the award winning quilts and cakes and crafts. Here is The Wish Quilt, a pattern by Red Brolly – it was made by Faye Clarke and won a second prize. Yay!


Sydney Royal Easter Show - Patchwork, Applique and Qulting


And the best part – the building was air-conditioned. Yay! It was so lovely and cool in there, that the kids didn’t even mind (or complain too much) when having to walk around the quilt and craft displays with me.

The weather started to turn and it got very cloudy and rain was threatening. It was time for the kids to have their fun before the downpour.

Show bags, rides and popping ping pong balls into the mouths of clowns.

The show bag pavilion was crazy busy. I’ve been going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show since I was a child, and it’s always the show bag pavilion which is the busiest.


Sydney Royal Easter Show - Show Bags


Deciding on the one show bag to buy was always going to be hard. So many choices. Too many choices. I tried to explain to the kids the value for money in the bags they chose.


Sydney Royal Easter Show - Show Bag 2


Sam understood the concept (sort-of) and came home with a K-Zone bag and a Wizz Fizz bag (plus some change).

Amelia was dazzled and even though she really wanted The Little Pet Shop bag, she bought a Rapunzel bag which included a glittery purple skirt, cape, tiara, bag, shoes and gloves. She was one happy girl… I think she forgot that she already had a Rapunzel dress-up outfit at home. Oh well, can never have too much Disney in the house, right?

We ventured over to the Kids World arena and here we discovered the Skylanders Giants castle. It was all huge and amazing and full of eager kids playing on the pods – discovering what each of the Skylanders toys did. Tree Rex stood at the entrance to the castle, looking fierce… yet happy to be photographed with all of the happy excited kids.


Sydney Royal Easter Show - Skylanders


The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a fantastic day out with the family. Even though it doesn’t fall during school holidays this year, there is still plenty of time to go to the show and enjoy.

Do you go to your local shows?

What is your favourite show food?

Most importantly, have you ever eaten Cheese on a Stick?


Sydney Royal Easter Show - Funny Photos


Disclaimer: We were gifted a family pass to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.


  1. Lovely to see the kids having so much fun.

  2. When DD was small we always went to the local show in my parents' town (they had a tree-change). My favourite is probably not really a food but one does eat fairy floss despite its zero nutritional value! I haven't been to the Easter Show since its first year at Homebush. I went every Easter Saturday as a child/teenager to Moore Park (pavilions, lunch, show bags, arena until after the fireworks, or the rodeo when we were older -- I particularly loved the tent-pegging and the Grand Parade) but WM just can't see the attraction in spending that amount of money!


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