Easter Egg Hunt : 5 Top Tips

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Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. The summer’s hot hold has eased and the days are getting cooler. Chocolate eggs have been on sale in stores for weeks but we try to inspire our little ones to hold on until Easter Sunday before going hard on the chocolate – right?

Today I am sharing my 5 Top Tips to prepare for a fun Easter Egg Hunt.

1. Set a search area
There’s not point sending the kids on a wild chase around the house and garden, when the eggs are all hidden in a specific area. Perhaps draw a map (which was left by the Easter Bunny, of course) and highlight the “Egg Hiding Area” – this way the kids know where to search for the goodies.

2. Colour Coding Eggs
This is great when you have a few kids involved in the hunt. It encourages the kids to help each other find the eggs and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to find the same amount of eggs.

Age: colour code by age group - eg 2-4 year olds search for blue eggs and 4-6 year olds search for red eggs.

Per Child: We’ll have 4 children searching for eggs, so I’ll sort the eggs into colours in advance and will have a specific colour per child – eg Sam searches for blue eggs, Amelia searches for pink eggs etc…

3. Easter Basket
The all important Easter basket. In past years, we made our own Easter baskets, but I picked up some cute ones from Target for only a few dollars.

Target Easter Basket Bunny

I have them stored in my wardrobe right now and am looking forward to seeing their faces when I hand them over for Easter egg search and retrieval.

Target Easter Chick Basket

4. Supply non-chocolate prizes

We all know the result of children hyped up on chocolate. Crazy Town. I like to have non-chocolate rewards for the children too.

For Sam I have this Diary of a Wimpy Kid notebook. He’s 7 and I try to encourage him to practise his handwriting. A notebook which says “No Adults Allowed” might inspire some extra writing.

Colouring books and stickers are also a great option for younger kids.

Amelia is in need of some slippers for winter, so she’s going to get a pair of these fun pink furry tigers. Cuteness!!

5. Easter Decorating

Make Easter feel special. We spend a lot of time decorating for Christmas, but not so much for Easter – I think we need to decorate for Easter too.

There are so many great Easter Decorating ideas at Target. Here is a selection of some of my favourites:

Easter Decorating at Target

1. Bunny Bowl (I love, love, love this bowl)
2. Hanging Swirly Decorations
3. Easter Egg Topiary Tree
4. Bunny Coupe Serving Plate

What are your Easter traditions?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received payment and a voucher from Target Australia. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Easter egg hunt for the children -- we just use the carton the eggs came in, that way they know (and so do we) when all the eggs have been found! Roast lamb with all the trimmings, followed by Christmas pudding (yes, you read that right -- it's been a tradition in my family since who-knows-when and it remains!)

  2. Love the colour coding tip.

  3. We started the egg hunt tradition last year. I'm looking forward to doing it with Master 3 again this weekend :) Great tips.

  4. Having grown up in the hot environment of the outback a family tradition began which we still use to this day even though we now live in more temperate SA. We have a batch of wooden Eater Eggs that we sand back so the kids can have fun painting them. These are then "hidden" for the hunt and traded for chocolate ones. The kid's love the whole experience as do us adults

  5. I love the colour coding idea too, my boys already sort toys by colour.

  6. Wow some fantastic ideas. Im looking forward to preparing the clues and watching my girls hunt for their eggs :-) thank you so much :-)

    Marlene Detierro (Irvine Divorce Lawyer)


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