Painted Pegs – Hanging Christmas Cards {Tutorial}

We’ve been painting pegs. Yes you heard that correctly. We’ve been painting pegs. Wooden pegs. The ones you buy at the supermarket.

Amelia and I thought they needed to look more festive if we were going to use them to hang up our Christmas cards this year.

Painted glittery pegs – it is a Christmas craft which is perfect for kids to work on.


Painted Pegs


What you need:

Packet of wooden pegs

Paints (we used acrylic paints – which you can purchase at any craft or stationery store)

Loose glitter

Painting supplies (ie paint brush, paper towel, newspaper, old jar with water etc)


Painted Pegs 2


NB: When painting, we found it is easiest to clip the pegs onto a piece of cardboard.


Paint the tops, sides all the bits of wood you can get to.

Sprinkle on some glitter while the paint is still wet.

Take outside to dry in the sunshine.

Once dry (only takes about 10 minutes) turn the pegs over and paint the other side.

Sprinkle more glitter and take outside to dry again.

Once the paint is all dry, you can hang some ribbon or cord and then peg up your Christmas cards.

We used to hang our cards on the venetian blinds at our old house, but as this house has vertical blinds, we had to come up with a new solution. I think I much prefer this way of displaying our Christmas cards.


How do you display your Christmas cards?


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  1. well done guys they look fantastic and its a lovely idea.xx

  2. Clever! We display our Christmas cars on fishing line (it used to be green string but that perished long ago) with tiny little red and green plastic pegs inherited from my parents and grandparents.

  3. We tape them up around the entrance to the living. I like your idea much better.


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