Be in Command this Christmas {Giveaway CLOSED}

This is a sponsored post for 3M via Digital Parents Collective

GIVEAWAY CLOSED - Winners: Brenda T, Sandra, Marita B, Tracee F, Lynne

Christmas is 6 weeks away. Yes you read that correctly.


Okay, everyone calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out.

I’m not organised when it comes to Christmas. I do try, but usually am still rushing around until the last minute.

This year, will be different. All of our Christmas decorations, our big beautiful Christmas tree, fairy lights, outdoor light displays, everything Christmas related… is packed away in storage.

While we are living in our small temporary house, we have to keep belongings to a minimum. There is only so much floor space, so we are keeping our Christmas decorating… ahem… small.

This is where 3M comes in. We were sent a huge selection of 3M hooks to help decorate our house and make it feel more… Christmassy.

3M Command Clear Hooks are clean, sleek and unobtrusive in appearance – ensuring the decorations remain the centre of attention

We started with the kids artwork. Their Christmas canvases are now finished and looking super cute. They really did a great job and are very proud of themselves.
We had a lot of hooks to choose from, and decided to use the small hooks which hold 450grams.

3M Christmas sameliasmum

Attaching the hooks is very simple. Just remove the blue backing paper and attach the sticky side to the hook. Then remove the black backing paper and attach the hook onto the wall. Hold firmly in place for a few seconds and presto!

Here are the Christmas paintings hanging proudly on the wall above the arm chair. They each measure approximately 30cm x 30cm.

3M Christmas 2 sameliasmum

Sam painted the top one and Amelia the bottom one. They wrote their names and the year, so that we can look back in years to come and see how reminisce about painting them, sitting at the kitchen table, with a layer of newspaper over the carpet underneath.

Our wreath for the door is massive, so we bought this little one from the dollar shop. It’s designed to hang on the door knob, but I can just imagine how annoying it would be after a while… jangling and banging every time we turned the door handle.

So, we improvised…

I used the same 450 gram hook and hung it on the door.

3M Christmas 3 sameliasmum

It looks so pretty against the white door. A bigger wreath would be lovely, but would get caught up in the screen door, so this is the 2012 version. The 2013 wreath will be huge, on our new door, in our lovely new house.

Now what is Christmas decorating if we don’t include Christmas lights?

I bought these lights from Aldi. They’re battery operated so they’re not limited to being hung near a power point.

The kids and I auditioned them around the house and decided that the railing, up the stairs, was the perfect spot.

We used the new 3M Decorating Clips for these. These clips are absolutely perfect for hanging Christmas lights.

3M Christmas 4 sameliasmum

No nails, no blu-tack, no thumb tacks, no pins, no staples, no sticky tape. Discreet with no damage to the walls or surfaces.

3M Command Clear Hooks are the perfect solution for decorating this Christmas.
Available in a range of sizes suitable for different weights – including the Mini, Small and Medium hooks as well as the Utensil and Decorating Clips priced from $6.99 (RRP). The range can be purchased at all leading supermarkets and retail
outlets across Australia.

Giveaway Time

With thanks to 3M, I have 5 x 3M Command Clear Hooks Packs to give away valued at $36.35 each.

3M Chrismas Collage sameliasmum

Each prize pack will include the entire 3M Command Clear Hooks Range
- Mini Hook
- Small Hook
- Medium hooks
- Utensil Clips
- Decorating Clip
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1. Open to **Australian residents only.**
2. Giveaway will close on **20 November 2012**.
3. The judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered upon.
4. [Samelia’s Mum]( will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winner/s.
5. Winner/s will be announced on the Samelia's Mum Facebook page and/or contacted by email.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for 3M via Digital Parents Collective. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Not exactly the answer to the question but we used to have a competition each year to decide who could find the tackiest christmas decoration. The zombie bride decoration won one year!

  2. wow love this idea Anorina,thankyou for telling me about them.xx

  3. I've never seen anything strange really. If it's jolly and bright I'm all good and approving :D

  4. This year I am painting a big sheet of MDF with a chalkboard Christmas tree so that my two can decorate their tree every day if they want. I think this would work in your temporary house - and Ikea have a cardboard one that you could paint with chalkboard paint. Thanks for the ideas, they are great. I am sure I will be using some of them either this year or in years to come.

  5. My grandson when about 2 hung a little toilet (yes, a toilet, about the size to fit in a xmas cracker). And it has hung on our tree every year since.

  6. bummer only australia. there's a 3M factory a few miles away from us, though it's a quarry, I think they make sandpaper.

  7. What a lovely way to decorate a rental home.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The strangest Christmas decoration I've seen by far is the one my sister made me. A 'tampon angel'. There's (apparently) a whole website of tampon based decorations you can make for your friends (or enemies) :x

  10. what a great way to decorate for Christmas ;-)

  11. Easter Bunny out on a Xmas Eve light drive in someones yard

  12. I haven't seen any strange Christmas decoration, maybe in this year?

  13. Some of my kids early handmade ornaments are strange. Come to Mt Annan and see strange, some people just are way to over the top with their decorating.

  14. Can't say I've ever seen a strange Christmas decoration but the pooping reindeers always make me giggle.

  15. We have a Mr Hankey decoration that hangs in our main toilet every Christmas. It's usually the first decoration that goes up. We love it but not sure my family approve :)

  16. A singing chicken. The singing is awful BUT we look forward to seeing it again every year!
    Penny Spreitzer

  17. Nothing amazing just one of those sill singing fish repainted and done up to look like a reindeer

  18. I don't recall ever seeing any strange decorations, but I have had a good laugh reading some of the comments above!

  19. Haven't really seen any strange ones yet!!

  20. A bare Santa bum that you attach to the chimney!!!

  21. Last year I was given wobbly skeleton with a beer can in its hand. It was given to me by my father in law, god knows where he got it from, but I had to place it on the tree! This year I will have it miraculously disappear!

  22. I adore our rubber duckie nativity set, but it is a little strange. :)

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    1. My nephew dressed in a cow costume, decorated with chrismas lights, doing cartwheels across the front lawn! :-D

    2. My nephew dressed in a cow costume, decorated with chrismas lights, doing cartwheels across the front lawn! :-D

  24. zombies dressed in christmas gear...was very weird.

  25. A Flatulent Santa! I bought him for Mum as he looked all cranky, like dad.. She pressed his hand and he let out an almighty ripper! Awesome!! lol

  26. A photo frame made from cow hide which hung on the Christmas tree with horse tail hair, had a picture of the families kids in it.

  27. I find it odd when you see decorations for sale that have no resemblance to xmas!!!

  28. I think there's a purple glitter Jesus Moneybox on Fiona's blog Little Lioness. That!
    (Dianne Childs on rafflecopter)