Wondering and Designing

I'm working on a new quilt. Yes, its been a while since I've had my brain in quilt design mode.

When moving house, I began to reassess my fabric stash and fabric needs. I've only been quilting for a few years, but I already a heap of fabric that I "wonder" about.

I wonder why I bought it. I wonder whether I will ever use it. I wonder whether I actually like it.

So I decided to use it all up. Not just hoard it on a shelf, but actually use it. All of it. Even if I don't like it as much, as I obviously once thought I did.

So, anyways, I'm working on a new quilt and would love some feedback from you, my lovely friends.

It's going to have a central square panel onto which I was going to appliqué some hexagons. I used scraps from the rest if the quilt.

I have a few layouts, but would love to know which layout you like best... or none at all.

I think I like the last one best.

Which one speaks to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Do you have a mountain of fabric which you "wonder" about?


  1. I liked the second one (reminded me of flower petals blowing in the wind)....then I saw the last one and fell in love! Looks like a snowflake (which I have a total fascination with).... So, depending on the mood/season of the rest of the quilt....

  2. I like the movement of number 2. Number 3 does look a bit like a snowflake to me too - so will that make it "christmassy"?

  3. I like them all but I also like the "snowflake" one the best. :D

    I also have a lot of fabric that I wonder about and I am using it up. Hubby even told me the other how proud he is of me because lately all I have bought is stuff to finish things and quilting thread as I get ready to quilt each project.

    I'm just looking forward to being down to about 20 yards of fabric total. I think I can get there by the end of 2013 if I get some stick-to-itiveness. (Yes, I just made that word up.)

  4. I love the snowflake one. I also like the layout of number 2 but i think if you are making this an overall design having the snowflakes falling to the bottom of your quilt will look amazing. Maybe on a black or dark blue or grey fabric. Cant't wait to see what you do with this. So glad you are back in a designing mood, i love seeing your quilts as they progress and become wonderful creations.

  5. I like the center one the best, perhaps because it is both representational (the flower) and abstract.

    I do have a bunch of fabric that I wonder about. Sometimes I wonder why I bought it, more often I wonder what it says about me that I like so many different types of fabric. I see the headers of blogs I love or look at collages and see such cohesion. The quilts I have made, and the ones one my To Do list, are all over the map. That is what I wonder about, when I pull fabric out and am surrounded by it.

  6. I loved the first one, but then I saw the last one and it became my favorite. Can't wait to see where you go with this design.

  7. I loved the first one, but then I saw the last one and it became my favorite. Can't wait to see where you go with this design.

  8. I love Mhairi's idea of using the snowflake at the bottom of the quilt, that would look FAB! Also like no. 2, but the 'snowflake' is definitely my fave.


  9. I prefer the last one I think because its more cohesive as a central motif. You could also, rather than join the outer spokes to the V part of the central flower, have them floating a short distance away from it or the flat sides. That would make it less snowflake-y if you don't like that look of it. Just a suggestion!

  10. I, too, like the last one.

    Since I am given fabric from my community quilting group (which is donated to us in one form or another), I often work with individual fabrics I don't like. But I just use them up in scrappy quilts -- every fabric fits in somewhere!

  11. The 2nd layout appears to be "grandmothers garden" which is a a traditional English paper piecing pattern. I've not seen what most are referring to as the snowflake, so I'm casting my vote for snowflake.

  12. Definitely the last one, aka snowflake. I liked Mhairi's suggestion.

  13. I like number 3 the best the snowflake AS I like the blue hexie.

  14. I like no. 1 ... I have a growing stash that I wonder about. My problem is that new lovely fabric is coming out quicker than I can use it up!


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