Pink Ballerina or Rainbow Unicorn


“A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.”


My little girl is turning 5 - very soon. Too soon!

I’m on the lookout for party ideas – things which I know that she will love.

She’s a very girly girl and loves anything which is pink, sweet and sparkly.

So I do what any mother does. I turn to Pinterest.


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I love pink lemonade and I’m sure 5 year old girls would love pink lemonade too.

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Amelia is a ballerina – how about this ballerina cake stand?

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… or how about this ballerina cake… I think this ballerina is doing the splits!


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Ice cream cone cup cakes. What a clever idea!!

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Or, I could go with her ultimate favourite thing... A Rainbow Unicorn theme. My girl does love a Unicorn.

Who’d have thought that searching for Rainbow Unicorn Party on Pinterest would have such a wonderful outcome.


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Yes, I think we may just go with the Rainbow Unicorn birthday party theme.

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Are you on Pinterest?

What is your user name?

My user name is SameliasMum. Let’s be friends?


Kate said...

Ballerina cup cake stand, really achievable. The rainbow cake, but in shades of pink. Spray paint some chopsticks gold or silver and make cardboard stars to match, buy loads of litter and set up a "make your own wand" table. Make tiny little (fairy/ballerina-like sausage rolls), Get loads of pink-ish food and drinks and you're done. Hire a ballerina or fairy to entertain them. Sit back with your husband and a cup of tea or bottle of wine and relax. I still have the photos. lol

Kate said...

that would be "glitter", not "litter". lol

shez said...

such beautiful and wonderful ideas for her party,ah to be a kid again,lol.xx

SameliasMum said...


SameliasMum said...

I love the fairy wand idea. Fantastic for little girls.

SameliasMum said...

Yes, to be a kid again would be wonderful. Living vicariously through mine is next best, right?

Trish said...

Oh to have a little girl . I love both ideas !

Mhairi Hall said...

These pictures remind me of Rainbow Bright - remember her!!
I think that the unicorn idea is a great idea, you could make a pin the horn on the unicorn and make a rainbow bracelet station. I love all the ideas you have found. There are good ideas here too -{heart}+Nap+Time+FULL+RSS+Post%29&utm_content=Google+Reader
Hope she has the best birthday!! Happy Birthday Miss 5!!

Lisa Warren said...

Oh my! How can you choose? Both are great party themes. I'd probably go the unicorn one this year, and do ballet another year. She might grown out of unicorns, but she'll be doing ballet for quite a few years.

Lynne B said...

I think you've got some inspiration now! ;-)

karen leschnik rambling mum said...

I love the look of the ballerina cake. A bit too complex for me to attempt though. We are definitely pink this birthday (also 5) but I do like the rainbow unicorn theme - I am a MAJOR fan of colour!