Liquorice All-Sorts Cushion

My Liquorice All-Sorts Cushion project will be available in Handmade Magazine very soon.

I received my advance copy this week and it looks so lovely bright in the glossy pages of the magazine.


I’m a very proud mumma!

You can find my Liquorice All-Sort project featured in Handmade Magazine -Vol 30 No 7.


  1. i bought it because you were in it,your cushion is lovely ,well done Anorina.xx

  2. congrats. it is a beautiful pillow

  3. Mama of 2 boys8/2/12, 11:42 PM

    That is fantastic, well done! Definitely something to be proud of there... love the cushion, the colours are gorgeous! xo

  4. I believe it was Kaffe Fassett who said, "if in doubt, add another colour"!

  5. Oops, I forgot to say congratulations, well done.


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