Unwinding is easier said than done… Or is it?

The first day of a family holiday often requires much unwinding and de-stressing.

After such a busy weekend, we didn’t have much time to get ourselves sorted and organised - which meant that this morning was a mad rush. Hubby went to the grocery store to get supplies, while I finished off some things I needed to get done before leaving home.

I do like sending hubby to do the shopping – mainly because he’s not as strict restrained as I am. He buys the yummy things (even if they’re not on special or with a yellow “reduced” sticker).

Finally the bags were packed, the car boot was loaded up. For a short holiday down the coast, we sure need a lot of stuff.

Hubby was driving and before long into the trip, the kids and I started to snooze. Hubby may not agree, but I think the drive went by quickly and pleasantly.

This photo was taken (in a moving car) just past Kiama NSW. An absolutely beautiful part of the world.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by some cute locals. We may or may not have invited them over with a little bit of bread.

Unwinding has begun. Hubs has already had some fishing time, the kids have run around all afternoon and I have some hand sewing ready for tonight... with wine. Life is is good.

How do you de-stress and unwind?


  1. Looks idyllic, hope you had a good rest in the car.

  2. Beautiful pics! As pathetic as it sounds, cleaning helps me de-stress - I can't relax if there's mess.

  3. Looks lovely! Try bribing the local feathered friends with some apple pieces and they might even eat out of your hand! Enjoy your break!

    1. They're very friendly. This morning we discovered rabbits hopping by our cabin... the squeals!

  4. Knitting, reading, sewing, watching television, or getting away from home for a few days providing the bed is comfy and the accommodation is warm in winter and cool in summer! Have a great time!

    1. Thanks Lynne. So far so good. It's quite fresh (freezing) but everyone is enjoying themselves. Hubs and the kids are fishing - while I have coffee in the air conditioned cabin. Sounds fair, right?


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