Building a dream

Late last year, we began a journey - to build our “dream home”.

We love the area where we live and when new land became available, we decided to take that step forward and secure a block. We paid our deposit and began the trips to display villages, searching for “the one”.

We decided on the house we all loved and which suited our needs (and wants). It was just a matter of the land being ready, to move forward with the dream.

For months now, the block of land has been fenced off as the building crews worked to get the blocks ready for registration. Weeks of rain early this year, caused months of delays. Every time we thought it was almost time for the block to go in for registration, we’d receive an email advising that the dates had been pushed back.

For a while there, we started thinking it was all getting too hard and that we should just give up “the dream” and look for a ready made house.

But today, the wait was over. Today, we finally got to walk on our land.

The Block (with road)

There is a road that you can’t see in this photo. It is right there under that great big red arrow. The road runs along the back, which means, no back neighbours – yay!

Unfortunately, hub was away on a work trip, so wasn’t able to come today. He was out earning the money, to pay for “the dream”.

We did get a few photos to show him what we saw. It’s not quite the same as being there, but the fences should come down in a couple of weeks, so he can go up and experience it himself.

The Block 1

I love the view we’ll have of those mountains, especially at sunset. Although in saying this, I’m sure I’ll complain in the summer time, but hey, that’s what the swimming pool will be for… or should I say blow up paddling toddler pool.

I have grand plans for the future sewing room. The house plans say "Media Room" but I say "Sewing Studio".


  1. How exciting! You're one big step closer to the dream.

  2. Very excited for you! That seeing studio sounds like a dream room :)

  3. That is so good to read and to see those familiar mountains in the background. I wish you & hub& kids the best of journeying towards that Dream House!

  4. How exciting!!

  5. Depends on one's definition media - especially if you're talking about a means of making something :D!


Thank you for your comment.

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