How would you spend $5000?

I’ve had a secret for a few weeks.

I’ve been busting to shout it from the roof tops and tell, everyone! But I’ve been very controlled… and only told a few people.

Samelia’s Mum has made it into the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers of 2012 and I have you, my lovely readers, to thank. So thank you!!! I’m SUPER excited.


I’m vying for the main prize which is a trip to BlogHer 2012 in New York City, plus the use of a gorgeous brand new Ford Territory - for a whole year. Wow!

BlogHer is the mecca of blogger events. It is a blog conference like no other on the planet. New York is a place that I only ever watch on television, never actually thought  I could possibly visit one day.

Can you imagine all of the fabric I could pack into a suitcase and bring home??

For this top prize, I’m up against some major Australian blogging identities, with huge traffic on their sites… so I need your vote.

It will take about 10 seconds of your time and I’d really appreciate if you could do this for me.

Voting is your part. And by voting, you have the chance to win a very cool $5000. If you don’t care for the money and just want to vote because you like Samelia’s Mum, then you have the option of NOT adding your email address to the vote. Vote from your computer, from your iPhone, from your iPad, from your husbands devices. It all counts.

Over the next couple of week, I will be working on my post. THE post. A post which will need to “WOW” the judges. Votes, plus an awesome post will decide the Top 5… and then there are some more hoops to jump through… but we’ll work on those later :-)

To vote, CLICK HERE which will take you to this page.

Click on the red VOTE FOR ME button

Top 50 SameliasMum 1

…which will take you to this next page.

Samelia’s Mum will have a green box around it with a tick.

This is where you enter your email address, for your chance to win the $5000.

Press the SUBMIT button and you’re done. THANK YOU!
If you feel like voting some more, I think you can do it again the next day PLUS you can vote on all of your devices. Tell your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues. Do I sound a bit desperate. Whoops.

Now sit back and dream about what you would do with the $5000 prize money.

What would you do with the $5000 prize money?


  1. Voted lovely lady... Hope you win!
    Have a great day

  2. Have voted. Fingers and toes crossed for you. :)


    1. Thank you Kate. I have fingers and toes crossed too!

  3. Goodluck Samelia's Mum - you certainly deserve a good shot - your blog is fabulous :) Just leaving you a comment so I can let you know if the reply comes thru - as promised at the Bloggger BBQ. Off to do some voting too :)

    1. Thank you so much Caz. Fingers crossed this message appears in your in-box. Have a fab week. Good thing it's a short one :-)

  4. Wow congratulations! Going to vote for you right now!

  5. done! best wishes!! I don't comment very often, but I read all your posts and am always inspired by the diversity, thoughtfulness, and joy of your blogging :O)

    1. Thank you for your vote and your kind comment. Have a great week xo

  6. Congratulations and good luck!

  7. I voted for you!!! Hoping you win - you are most deserving!!!

  8. You got my vote...good luck!! :o)


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  11. It's done, I voted for you

  12. I've just voted for you. Keep your fingers crossed.

  13. I've done my voting...and was glad to do it for you!! Good luck!!

  14. Congratulations Anorina! I really enjoy your blog and come here often to visit. Hope you win! ( I voted for you)

  15. How exciting! I'd put $5,000 towards my planned trip to UK in 2017.


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