Summer isn't quite over…

What are some of your best childhood summer memories?

My summer memories involve playing in the back yard.

Jumping over the sprinkler.

Splashing around in the blow up pool.


Ice cream.

The sound of cicadas.

Long afternoons and evenings.

Even though summer is technically over, there is still time to enjoy the warm weather and make of daylight saving time.

Bulla Dairy Foods are running a competition offering families moments of fun with the Splits Summer Games Brigades - a team of entertainers who will host a series of games afternoons in the homes of four lucky winners.

To enter the competition, visit and head to the Splits Summer Games Brigade tab.

As well as the chance to win the Splits Summer Games Brigade, there is also the chance to win a Bulla Slip n Slide!

Bulla Slip n Slide

How much fun does one of these Bulla Slip n Slides look???

And about a millions times safer than the version we used back in the 80’s which involved squirting some dishwashing liquid over some heavy duty plastic and running as fast as we could, throwing ourselves down onto our bellies… crash landing at the end. Ouch!

What are your best childhood summer memories??


  1. ohhh my kids had a slip n slide too last summer, it's fun to read you title, and I'm thinking NO winter is almost over, you got it all wrong.... lol then I realized where you are at in the world...
    last year we bought a "cheap" above ground pool, it was a pain to set up, but about 4ft deep, my kids loved it and learned to swim that way, it was sooo nice... we got the s alt water system too with it, so no red eyes. it was a pain to clean though, since the edges were 5ft maybe and that's how tall I am, I had to take the vacuum thingy and a plastic crate and move it every few feet around the outside and step on it to vacuum.....we still love it though

  2. I loved slip and slides during the summer. My summer here is Utah, USA has not yet started and this is one of those things my kids love to do. We have 2-3 water toys to play with. Kids use it as a excuse to water the lawn lol.

  3. Our swimming pool (60cm deep, 3.6m cross) - making whirlpools by running around the perimeter then floating around on the current!


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