Are you a pie maker (or is it baker?)

Do you have what it takes to make the best Aussie pie of 2012?

Food magazine, Super Food Ideas, is on the hunt for Australia's Best Pie.




Once the competition has closed, the judging panel will choose the best 3 sweet pies and the best 3 savoury pies. The 3 finalists from each category will then be flown to Sydney for the “Ultimate Pie Cook Off”.

The judges face the tough task of choosing Australia’s Best Pie for 2012 and awarding the winner a cash prize of $10,000 thanks to Bertolli.

Don’t think your pie making skills are up to the challenge? Well then why not comment and vote on your favourite pie – there is a $200 WISH gift voucher up for grabs each week.

I know I can’t cook a pie to save me, but I’ll be voting!

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If you’d like to win a copy of the April issue of Super Food Ideas, leave me a comment telling me if you’re a super pie maker (or is it baker?) and what‘s your favourite pie?

Personally, I do like a good peach pie – though actually eating one is a rarity. I don’t know how to bake a pie… maybe I should learn.

This giveaway is a quick one and closes on Thursday 22 March 2012 at 9am (AEDST). The magazine giveaway is open to Australian residents only.


Chicken and leek pie


Super Food Idea’s - Food Editor, Kim Coverdale has prepared her 5 tips for cooking a crispy pie

1. If making your own pastry, be sure to rest it before cooking to prevent it from shrinking during cooking.

2. Pre-cooking the pastry base (or blind baking as it's called) before adding the filling helps the base stay crisp during cooking.

3. Make sure the filling is completely cooled before filling the pastry case, otherwise the base of the pie will be soggy.

4. After placing the pastry on top, make a small slit in the middle of your pie. This lets steam escape and stops the pastry separating at the joins so that the filling doesn't overflow.

5. Pies are best cooked at a high temperature so that the pastry top crisps. Brushing with a little beaten egg or milk will also make sure that it goes a lovely golden colour.


  1. My family loves it when I make a potato pie with cheese and bacon yummy

  2. well, it has to be a sweet pie... im a rhubarb and apple pie person... but my kids ( now adults) still like my lemon meringue pie!!

  3. I have only made 1 pie with pastry...not including Sheppards Pie which I love!
    I am not a good pie maker - maybe I need this issue!

  4. Can I enter for my sister in Australia? I'm pretty sure she makes a mean pork pie. At least it looks fantastic in the pictures. I'm going to send her the link in case she wants to enter the contest.

  5. Alas, I am not a super pie maker , or baker. But I do LOVE a lemon meringue pie best of all :)
    For some reason I can't sign in via google (not the first time have had this issue and with other blogs, will try in different browser next time!
    Cheers :-)


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