Starflower Quilt – Progress Report

My starflower quilt top is complete.

Yes you read that right.

Starflower Quilt is COMPLETE!!!

It was started mid last year with a layer cake of Terrain by Kate Spain and some Kona Cotton solids. You can see the first post HERE.

I love these colours.

They make me smile. A great big toothy smile.

Starflower Quilt 1

I couldn’t possibly make a quilt without incorporating some spots, so the sashing is a white fabric with tiny black dots. The outer border is made up for 2 different fabrics – both are black with white spots, just one is larger scale spots.

After a week of rain, even the weather was co-operating and perfect for a photo shoot. Look at that blue sky. Gorgeous!

Starflower Quilt 2

It was a little bit breezy, so I had my 2 little assistants holding the onto each corner so that it wouldn’t spin around on the clothes line.

Starflower Quilt 3

I even tried it out on the bed, just to make sure it was going to be wide enough… and it is!!

Starflower Quilt 4

I’ve been thinking about quilting and how I’m going to do it. Considering how big it is, what ever I choose to do will certainly be a challenge.

I’m contemplating hand quilting.

Am I being crazy?


  1. It looks amazing1
    And your lucky to have such good helpers.

  2. uau, very beautiful.
    Que bonito está. Parabéns, está mesmo bonito.
    Gosto imenso do teu blog.
    Have a nice day.
    Portugal. Kiss

  3. It's looking just fabulous! Not sure on the quilting part of it. I did some echo quilting around a starflower block for a table runner and thought that looked quite nice. However, wrangling a quilt this big for that sort of design might be tough!

    1. Echo quilting would look gorgeous, but it would be tough to wrangle it. I will probably end up with meandering quilting all over.

      Must make the quilt back first :-)

  4. It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  5. It is lovely, bright and cheery!

  6. Beautiful! Love the 'pinwheel/stars'! (and as always the amazing helpers!!)

  7. It looks wonderful! Love it when the kids are in on the act.
    Good luck with the quilting.

  8. You have done a beautiful job. Can't wait to see it all quilted. Jacinta

  9. Love how happy and colorful it is! Lovely!

  10. Ohh its gorgeous!!! Looks soo nice on the bed too!! I think you should quilt with perle cotton, nothing too heavy..Very nice :)

  11. I'd be smiling a big toothy smile if I was THAT clever!! Just beautiful, Anorina. And your assistants are too...

  12. Really gorgeous quilt, as for hand quilting, I have health issues that affect my hands but I want so badly to try hand quilting something...maybe we all as quilters get the urge to try it and I'm going too try starting out with something small. So, do I think your crazy??? NOPE, I think your a quilter!!! Now, I have a question for you...I'm trying to find out who designed the picture I'm seeing everywhere "A Quilter's Brain" and so far, everything leads me to you. I want to stitch up a wall hanging of the design for my sewing room door and though I know it's okay to do that for personal use, when I post my pictures on Flicker (I don't have a blog), I like to give credit to the "A Quilter's Brain" your design??? If not, can you tell me who it is??? Big Hugs...

  13. this quilt is huge - and gorgeous!! Its fabulous - handquilting will make it 'oh so special'.....go on...give it a go! Happy Stitching, Susie

  14. beautiful!!! WOW! so glad you linked up with the blog hop otherwise i would have missed seeing your amazing quilt! congrats! xo

  15. I love the matching solids! Really sets off the colours of Terrain beautifully. Would love to see what you decided to do with the quilting! Thanks for linking up to the Kate Spain blog hop!


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