Fishy Business {+ a Giveaway}

Being a mum, who blogs, sometimes I get invited to some fantastic events. It’s such fun and I really enjoy meeting up with other mummy bloggers and discovering new products (which I would probably have never heard of, nor tried).
The other week, I was invited along to Flying Fish restaurant in Pyrmont (Sydney), to eat, drink and learn all about Omega-3.


The gorgeous Miss Brenda of Mummy Time organised the event (thank you Brenda!!), along with Edelman and Nature’s Own.
Now, before I go any further, I do have to say that Flying Fish restaurant is quite posh and really not my usual hang out. I was in awe of their reputation, menu, but especially of their wall of wine.
Seriously, how amazing would it be to have this at home?


Okay, back to the product at hand. Omega-3.
Omega-3 is a type of fatty acid which is found in oily fish (ie salmon, mackerel and probably many others too…)
Omega-3 is required for optimal brain development and helps with kids behaviour, concentration, memory and learning. See it wasn’t all just drinking wine and chatting. I did learn something ;-)
The recommended dose of fish is 2-3 times per week – which most Australian families don’t consume. I admit that we do eat fish, but far from the recommended amount.
Nature’s Own have a great new product called Omega Delight, which is a brilliant way to ensure the kids get their proper recommended dosage of fish oil – without the fishy taste.


It comes in 3 different flavours; Mango Peach, Citrus, Pineapple.
We got to taste the 3 different flavours… and for me, the citrus one was the stand out winner.

It was like eating a lolly. Sweet, but sugar free. Yummy and best of all, it was not fishy – AT ALL!
We got to bring home the 3 different flavours to try out on our children. Mine absolutely love it. They both want more than the teaspoon which I give them each morning. Seriously though, the kids love it and I love it because I know that they’re getting their recommended intake. It’s a win-win.
You can find Omega Delight at your local supermarket or pharmacy for around $21.95 (though I have seen a few ads on the telly and newspaper this past week, that is it on sale for under $15.00).
Or… you can enter to win my Omega Delight giveaway. Yay!
Thanks to the lovely people at Nature’s Own, I have a 3 pack of Omega Delight to giveaway – one of each flavour.
Just leave me a comment telling me:

How do you get the “healthy” things, into your kids?

My children love pasta, so I add extra grated carrot and zucchini into the sauce and they barely even notice it.

T & C’s:
Giveaway is open to Australian resident only.

This giveaway will close at 7pm AEDST on 3 February 2012.

The winner will be announced here on Samelia’s Mum and the winner has 5 days to claim their prize by emailing me their details (my contact details can be found at the top of my right side bar).


  1. I am super lucky with my kids. They eat pretty much anything and love fruit. They will choose fish fingers over chips, carrots over biscuits and berries over everything else. In fact there are times I have to limit their fruit intake!!!
    I always get them to try one bite of anything new and if they show an interest in anything in the supermarket I will buy it to try (pineapple and coconut being the latest two).
    This is not always economical or cheap but I think it is a wonderful way to introduce my children to the amazing variety of food we have available to us in Australia.

    1. Yes, my daughter is a fruity one too - but trying to get her to eat fish or vegetables is super difficult. Thanks for stopping entering!

  2. I make lots of varied salads and mix in different ingredients such as wild greens; I make fruit smoothies in the blender and always add some vegie juice; and sometimes I add new meats and new grilled vegies onto home-made pizzas (the kids will eat anything that's covered with melted cheese!!)

  3. Ha that is funny reading the first comment! I joke that my middle daughter Esther is a vegetarian. Her favorite foods are carrots, celery, apples, oranges, mango, strawberries and yogurt! Now my other two daughters love mac and cheese and honey buns...but luckily we eat all our meals together so I monitor their junk food intake!

  4. I'll do anything creative to make the food look more interesting. Fruit skewers, faces, cookie shapers to give, veggies, or sandwiches more interesting shapes. If it looks fun, my kids are more likely to try it out.

  5. I finally got mine to eat salad. I had to make caesar salad with the bacon and croutons. But I figured if it got them eating lettuce that was good. Now they are also happy to have a normal everyday green salad. I even gave them Crunchy Noodle Salad (from Changs noodles recipe) and they ate that too!

  6. I have some super sneaky ways. Mixing mashed potatoes with different veg pumpkin and carrot. The kids love helping make dinner and knowing they have made it makes them want to eat it ♥

  7. I have passed the feeding my children stage but I do get grandies by... of course 'finish that and you can have icecream' still works but I do bake healthy muffins filled with zuchini, carrot etc... and magic mayonnaise (it's sweet) is a great dip for salads.... but I have discovered children like Nana's food - it's great!!!


  8. My daughter will eat her fish (plain and baked in the oven) before anything else on her plate!!! She only eats the spine of the lettuce and would become a blueberry or grape or orange if I let her!!!

  9. my daughter eats her fish, luckily she grew up in hawaii so she actually prefers it raw to cooked. But for veggies, etc i sneak them in... even for hubby! They complain when they find small pieces of carrot, spinach or broccoli in their chili, etc.... :)

  10. My children were good eaters so I did not have this problem. Maybe the fact that I did not offer choices was the solution!

  11. I try to offer at least 3 vegies in each meal and I also disguise them in some sauces. For example my V8 Spaghetti Bolognaise contains - onion, garlic, zuchini, carrot, red kidney beans, tomatoes, mushroom, basil, oregano and parsley.


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