Monday - Show and Tell

Summer is on the way, and we’ve had a lovely warm weekend… even the garden sprinkler made an appearance on Saturday afternoon. The kids had a wonderful time, jumping through the water spray, keeping cool.

Today is going to be a fun day. I’m going to a lunch with a few local bloggers. I’ve followed most of their blogs for a long time, but never actually met them in real life. I’m super excited but a little bit nervous too.

Do you remember my “Stack and Slash” table runner tutorial? If you don’t, click HERE to refresh your memory. Anyways, one of my blog friends mentioned that she really liked it, so I made one for her last night and will give it to her at lunch today.  Hope she likes it.

Here is the front:

Stack and Slash Front

And here is the back:

Stack and Slash back

It’s ended up being a 2 sided table runner, so she can have it facing up, on whichever colour strikes her fancy, depending on the day of the week. Did that make sense?

I also played with some English paper piecing this weekend, but this time, it’s diamonds rather than hexagons … even though the diamonds have turned into big hexagons.

I fussy cut the fabrics and am in love with the effect.

Diamond Hexy 1

I bought this bright fabric at Spotlight last week at only $6 per metre. Fantastic bargain if you ask me.
This pink flower one is super cute. My daughter tells me she doesn’t love the green because green isn’t pretty. Hmmm…

Diamond Hexy 2

I like them and have found my new evening hobby… well until the next thing strikes my fancy, that is.

How was your weekend?
Did you get much sewing done?

Diamond Hexies


  1. I love that table runner! and your friend will be very pleased with it!
    I wish I had close blogger friends like you! lol
    I love the green !!!

  2. No sewing for me but the shapes you made are adorable! Very "spring".

  3. I've had your table runner on my 'To Do' list for ages now. Time, time, time.. where can I find more of it?

  4. I nearly bought that same fabric but DD changed her mind at the last minute! I lvoe what you have done with it.

  5. Those blocks are just scrumptious. I like the green one the best, and bright green is my daughter's (11) favorite color! Great job!

  6. those diamond hexagons are beautiful, I want to try some now!

  7. The diamond hexies are fabulous! A very brave use of that pink fabric!


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