Down in the Country

I recently participated in a swap, with a group of ladies from my craft forum.

The theme was ‘Down in the Country’. I have about a squillion magazines, so finding a project wasn’t hard… settling on one project was the hard part. There are so many cute projects to make.

I ended up tracing the design and taking it with me and stitching it in Vanuatu – this is a well travelled stitchery.

I contemplated making it into a cushion, but in the end, decided to make it into a wall hanging. Here is the wall hanging I made for Quiltin’ Sandy (a fellow Aussie).

Down in the Country - Swap

The stitchery design is by Natalie Bird which I found in an old issue of Handmade Magazine.
And this is the project which I received from my partner, Quiltin’ Sandy.

Down in the Country - Swap (854x900)

Super cute, right? Look at these perfect stitches.

Down in the Country - Swap 2 (900x675)

It seems we both had a “chicken” theme in mind for our swaps.

Thank you Sandy. I absolutely love it!! And thank you Michell of Michell’s Place for organising our swap.

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  1. Both lovely hangers. Seeing the one Sandy made you reminds me that I started one of those a long, long time ago. I wonder where it is! I'll have to have a search and finish it!

  2. They are both lovely... I do love stitcheries...

  3. Hi Anorina! Thanks for posting the pics of our swap items. I really enjoyed making it for you and I absolutely LOVE what you made me! Hugs, Sandy. :)


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