Themed Quilt Contest - Charms

The Quilting Gallery host a weekly themed quilt contest and this week's theme was "Quilts made with Charms".
I decided to enter my 'Fresh Diamonds' quilt as it's made with a couple of "Bliss" charm packs and some solid yardage.
There are so many beautiful quilts on display and the competition is tough. The prize includes a gorgeous Moda FQ bundle from Jojo's Quilt Shoppe, which I would love to win.

Go on over and have a look at all of the the lovely quilts HERE... but feel free to vote for my Fresh Diamonds ;-)


  1. Just gorgeous , hope you win , I will vote for you !

  2. Ahh, I went and voted last night --and yours was the quilt I voted on! There were many other lovely quilts, but yours spoke to me. I really love the color combo!

  3. That's is really beautiful.
    I've already voted for you!

  4. I voted-yours is certainly the prettiest! But how can someone have nearly 130 votes??? I've entered this Quilt Gallery contest a number of times and the winner always has an amazing number of votes! Anyway, good luck!

  5. I already saw your lovely quilt in this week's contest and of course voted for you. Good luck ;). Vreni x

  6. Already done before you asked! I follow the Quilting Gallery and when they posted that this week's entries were up I went along to have a look. Scrolling down the list I saw a name that looked familiar.... so of course I didn't have to spend any more time deciding which one to vote for ;)

  7. Another vote for you!
    Love the colours and the really fresh look of your quilt.
    Love the Buttercup fabric too... no wonder you'd like to win it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


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