Happy Easter Wall Hanging Tutorial + Pattern

Easter time is approaching, so in keeping with the season, I decided to make this little wall hanging to brighten up my wall. It's a quick applique project where you can raid your scrap basket... and your embellishment stash too.

It's simple. It's bright. And... there's not a bunny rabbit in sight (though I have to admit, the chocolate bunny rabbits are hard to resist).

Happy Easter Applique Pattern is available here for download.

Trace the designs onto vliesofix or double sided fusible paper. Make sure you reverse the text by either tracing in onto the back for the page first then tracing onto your double sided paper or holding it up against a window and tracing it that way.

I've used 3 Easter eggs in my design, but you can probably get away with using 5 by just tracing one of the front eggs a couple of extra times and adding it to the egg pile :-)

Once it's all traced, cut out your design approximately 1/8" outside of the lines and fuse onto your desired fabrics. This is a good way to use some of your favourite scraps. Arrange it all onto your backing fabric and when you're happy with the layout, fuse it all in place.

At this stage, I fused on some pellon, although some interfacing or batting would probably work just as well.

Either machine applique using a free motion foot - or hand applique with a blanket stitch.

Add some embellishments. You can never have too much bling or sparkle.

Add your outer border fabrics. I used 2.5" strips around my hanging - the same fabric as the text.

Cut the backing fabric the same size as the front. With right sides together, sew around all edges leaving a small opening to turn it out. Don't forget to snip the corners before turning so you get nice sharp points. Slip stitch it closed.

Quilt in the ditch or play with the fancy stitches on your sewing machine.

And most importantly, have fun with it!!


  1. Oh I love what the beading adds to this piece. So cute!

  2. Wonderful, thanks very much.

  3. It's beautiful! I think I'd skip the beads, cuz I'm lazy like that. =)

    What did you do for the hanger? I don't see the top of this, so am wondering what the best way to make it up for hanging would be?

  4. Thank you so much! Finally, a great looking Easter design without the bunny. I feel kinda funny making things with the bunny on it when it's such a pest here!

  5. Oh, thanks for the lovely pattern. I love the close up photo showing the beads. Love the bright colours too.

  6. Hi Anorina, you look like your having a fabulous time, good on you. I have not seen you in the forum lately I hope your ok, but then I have not been on that much myself. enjoy the rest of your hols

    Hugs Olivia

  7. Thanks for the pattern and tutorial. It's a lovely, classy design.

  8. This is so lovely....wish I had time before this Easter...it may have to be filed away for next. Thanks for sharing.

  9. thankyou Anorina,love this pattern,clever you.xx


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